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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Top tips for installing loft ladders safely

While it might seem like a daunting task, many keen homeowners often decide to install a loft ladder themselves. But whether you’re mad about home DIY or a professional tradesperson, installing a loft ladder can be a very tricky task. … Continue reading

Top uses for multipurpose ladders

A multipurpose ladder is a must for any tradesperson – multi-functional, efficient and often cost-effective, they’re one of the top pieces of kit we recommend. Any ladder than can be use to accomplish the tasks of two or more types … Continue reading

Common DIY mistakes when using ladders and steps

When undertaking any DIY project, it’s vital that you take the right precautions and understand the health and safety risks of the job. Whether it’s wallpapering, changing a light fitting on a high ceiling, or attempting to clean out the … Continue reading

Using combination ladders on stairs

Ladders and stairs often make a tricky combination. Attempting to boycott a ladder and overreach is not only dangerous, but an inefficient way of working. Likewise, using the wrong access equipment on stairs also carries serious risks – the main … Continue reading

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