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Monthly Archives: March 2017

When’s The Best Time To Use A Scaffold Tower?

Though both ladders and scaffold towers are immensely useful pieces of access equipment, they can be useful in different sets of circumstances. In this week’s blog, we touch upon some of the key differences between the two of them so … Continue reading

The Facts About Safety When Using Ladders

Ladders are amongst the most frequently-used pieces of access equipment across the globe. However, there are still some aspects of their usage which aren’t common knowledge, and sometimes these can make all the difference between using them safely or not.

March Marks First National Ladder Safety Month

Aiming to cut down on the number of ladder accidents, the American Ladder Institute has declared this month to be the first National Ladder Safety Month.

Which Ladders Should Electricians Use?

Like many trades, electricians are subject to their own occupational hazards, the consequences of which can range from the mildly painful to the immediately fatal. When carrying out any task that involves working with electricity, choosing the correct access equipment … Continue reading

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