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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Quick Checks Before Using Your Ladders – Series 2

In the second and final instalment in our series about home ladder inspections, we’re running you through some quick things to check each time you use your ladder including things like protruding screws, loose parts, dirt and manufacture defects. Though … Continue reading

Quick Checks Before Using Your Ladders – Series 1

At Browns, you’ll often hear us talk about the importance of ladder inspections, and for good reason. Ladders can show their age in a number of ways, and damaged ladders are liable to collapse and injure their users – sometimes … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning With Ladders: Clearing Out Gardens And Lofts

Continuing on from last week’s blog, you may well be planning – or even in the midst of – some odd spring cleaning jobs around the house. As always, ladders and other access equipment are invaluable tools, so we’re back … Continue reading

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