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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Are You Dressed Right For Working At Height?

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered to stay safe when working at height up ladders, stepladders and scaffolds. Unfortunately, appropriate dress is sometimes overlooked, even by the professionals! In this blog, we’ll cover some of … Continue reading

How Have Ladders Become Safer?

In many ways, the modern ladder still seems like quite a simple invention – at least in principle, anyway! It’s easy to forget that even the most basic of ladders is the product of centuries of innovation and progressive attitudes … Continue reading

The Best Ladders For Hanging Festive Decorations

With Christmas on the horizon, you might already be thinking about how to add a bit of festivity to your home. And depending on your passion and budget, hanging your decorations might be a simple task for a single afternoon, … Continue reading

Why You’ll Need A Loft Ladder This Christmas

As November began, we already started to see Christmas trees in shops, with ribbons of decorations strung across high streets. It’s closer than you think! And with that in mind, many of the more organised amongst you might be thinking … Continue reading

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