Everyone loves a good bargain. It’s a universal truth, and one we’re not averse to ourselves here at Browns Ladders! Having said that though, if there’s ever going to be a purchase that deserves spending a little extra, it’s definitely a ladder. Allow us to explain why it’s worth making a proper investment!

1. Guaranteed Safety And Integrity

This is the perhaps the most obvious aspect. Buying a suspiciously cheap or second hand ladder might make you vulnerable to the effects that weather and exposure can have on a ladder. In other words, crucial screws can weaken in aluminium ladders, while damp and rot can severely weaken the structural integrity of a wooden ladder. These can both make your typical ladder liable to collapse, opening you up to the potential of serious injury. It’s far better to buy your ladder new, so you can be certain your ladder isn’t vulnerable to such risks.

sturdy aluminium ladder

2. The Latest Features

We hold a wide variety of ladders here at Browns Ladders, with each carefully manufactured for its intended purpose. In many cases, this means they come with several in-built features to help them excel at that particular task, such as hooks that can secure specialised roof ladders like our Lyte Aluminium Single Section variants to the ledges. Others might be very basic safety features, like rubber feet to stop a ladder slipping against the ground. Exceptionally cheap or second-hand ladders might well be missing these features, which can make them inconvenient at best and unsafe at worst.

3. Optimal Performance For The Job

Here at Browns Ladders we talk a lot about the importance of having the best ladder for the job. You might be surprised about what a difference it makes! Ladders aren’t necessarily one size fits all, and trying to save money by using the same ladder for every job means that the jobs themselves can be not only difficult, but downright dangerous. For example, three-legged ladders like our aluminium platform tripod ladder are ideally suited to soft terrain outside, providing valuable stability that other ladders could not.

garden stepladder

Trying to use a regular wooden ladder for cutting hedges, for example, leaves the problem of where to rest it. In many cases, nearby trees or even the hedges themselves wouldn’t be suitable as a resting place for it, opening you up to a potential fall. Having the right ladder to hand makes everything much easier!

4. Dependability and Longevity

A ladder isn’t exactly a disposable purchase – or it shouldn’t be, anyway! Whatever your budget for your ladder, chances are you won’t want to have to be replacing it any time soon. Plus, you’ll be entrusting your physical safety to it on a regular basis, so you don’t want it to be creaking under you in just a matter of months. With that in mind, it’s definitely worth going the extra mile from a financial perspective, just to be on the safe side. Not only does it give you peace of mind, it’s even cost-effective when you think about it. Don’t shell out regularly for cheaper ladders – just invest a bit more the first time around!

Here at Browns, quality, integrity and durability are the hallmarks of all the ladders in our inventory, many of which come from leading manufacturers such as Werner UK, Zarges UK and Lyte. You can browse our extension ladders here, or give us a call on 01282 615517 to place an order.