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Access solutions for painters and decorators



As with all jobs in the construction industry, painters and decorators are at risk from work-related accidents too. Spending lots of time working at heights, from interior rooms to large-scale outdoor jobs, employees or sole traders in this industry need to make sure they have proper awareness of how to work safely from a height.

Falls from height are the main cause of death in construction. To prevent against injury, it’s essential that a painter or decorator thinks before they begin work at a height and use the adequate access equipment.

Access solutions: What to look out for

Access solutions for painters and decorators working

When it comes to choosing access equipment, not just any ladder, steps, or platform will do. Most professionals in this trade look for several key aspects when purchasing equipment:

  • Easy to set up and take down

Painters and decorators will usually be working to tight timescales and will have to move around on a regular basis; with this is mind, easy set up is crucial.

  • Lightweight

As a painter or decorator can cover a whole room in the space of an hour or two, it’s important that any access equipment used is lightweight and easy to move. Aluminium will be the best material to choose. This will help prevent manual handling injuries and strains.

  • Easy to transport

Professionals in this trade need access equipment that can be folded down, stored and transported easily in a van.

  • Durable build and material

Unlike in some trades, painters and decorators will be using their access equipment on a regular basis – probably daily. What’s more, they’ll also be using the equipment for long periods on time. To ensure safety, a durable, reliable build and material is key.

Top access solutions and accessories

Access solutions for painters and decorators equipment

There are a range of products that are likely to come in useful in this line of work.

They include: 

You can find plenty more great alternatives on our website.

 Other useful extras to consider, alongside access equipment, are safety trays and storage solutions. These will minimise the need to go up and down a ladder on a frequent basis, or balance inappropriate items on top of a piece of access equipment.

They include:

·      LYTE Single Width Scaffold Maxi SKAFTRAY

·      Paint Cup for Werner Glass Fibre Steps

·      Job Bucket for Werner Glass Fibre Steps

To find out more about any of the products mentioned today give the Browns Ladders team a call on 01282 615517.

If you’d like to refresh your knowledge on working safely at heights, why not book on to our safety training course?

Are you a painter or decorator? If so, which is your go-to product from the Browns Ladders range? Tell us in the comments below, or tweet your top access product to us @BrownsLadders

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