We stock a huge range of combination ladders here at Browns Ladders – and for good reason, too. They’re fantastically useful for those particularly tricky little jobs where a normal extension ladder might not be suited and a smaller stepladder might not be tall enough. In case you’re wondering whether or not you should invest in a combination ladder, this week on the blog we’re highlighting some of its best features, as well as what sort of jobs it’s best suited for.

What Is A Combination Ladder?

One of the most famously versatile ladder designs on the modern market, combination ladders get their name from their ability to combine all the height of extension ladders with all the stability of stepladders. This masterful combination makes them fantastically useful for lots of jobs that either of the other two types of ladder might not be ideal for. Stepladders can’t always give you the height that you need, whereas extension ladders need to be rested against a wall to provide you with the stability necessary to ensure your safety.

Combination ladders give you both this height and stability in a single package, and the beauty of them is that they can be adjusted to account for uneven surfaces like sloping driveways, steps, pavements and kerbsides – and these are just a few examples! Another key advantage of combination ladders is that because of their ability to perform the functions of both stepladder and regular ladder, they’re a lot more cost-effective and space saving than purchasing one each of these types.

The Best Jobs For Combination Ladders

The design of combination ladders means they can be used for a variety of jobs that many homeowners or professionals may find particularly awkward or difficult to complete. These include:

  1. Painting Stairways

This is by far amongst the most common jobs that combinations ladders are used for, whether by homeowners or professionals. Our professionals here at Browns Ladders are often asked questions like: “how do you paint a stairway?” or “what’s the best ladder to use for painting on stairs?” In answer to these, we’d always advise a combination ladder. Painting can be a tricky task as it is – not only in terms of keeping your brush strokes even, but also because you’ve got to keep your own safety in mind. Paint fumes can be dangerous to inhale in large quantities, so you’ve got to be aware of that throughout the job. Add that to the consideration of how to keep yourself stable, and it makes a relatively simple job a safety nightmare. However, a combination ladder can provide that all-important stability, freeing up your concentration to focus on doing the job properly, thoroughly and safely.

  1. Wallpapering

This is another common task, as many people find that it’s one of the easiest ways to put a bit of personality into their homes. But wallpapering can be a notoriously fiddly task, and doing it in an awkwardly high area can make it even more so. As with painting, a combi ladder gives you the height and stability you need, so that you can concentrate on making sure there aren’t any errant folds or creases, and that the final results look exactly how you want them to.

  1. Hanging Up A Painting Or Photograph

Hanging up artwork is amongst the more difficult jobs, even amongst this list, as you may well be using hammer and nails. In this case, adequate stability is particularly critical to ensuring your safety, as it might not always be possible to get the job done while maintaining three points of contact (a golden rule of ladder safety). Combination ladders can make all the difference between being able to get the job done safely, or not at all.

  1. Changing A Lightbulb (Or Other Electrical Work)

Whether we like it or not, this is a task that we’ll all likely need to carry out at some point. In this case it’s height that’s the key, as you obviously need to be able to reach high enough to replace the bulb. Stepladders sometimes can’t give you this height, whereas normal ladders can be awkward to position safely, making a combination ladder the best available option.

Of course, this is just a few examples rather than an exhaustive list – you may be able to think of a few other uses for your combination ladder already! Here at Browns Ladders, we have two excellent all-round recommendations – our Abru Werner 3-Way Combi ladder, and our Zarges 3-Part Eurostar Combination ladder. You can browse our site for more, or if you need any help or advice, give us a call on 01282 615517.

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