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Category Archives: Extension ladders

Zarges Class 1 triple extension ladders: Product review

Introducing Zarges triple extension ladders, manufactured from industrial strength aluminium and tested to both BS2037 Class 1 for both industrial and trade standards.

A six step guide to using an extension ladder on a slope

Ladders can be used for many different applications. People use ladders to get on top of roofs, decorate, cleaning out gutters and many other commercial and domestic tasks.

Inventive ladder ideas

Ladders aren’t merely used for construction and DIY. You’ve probably never even thought about creatively using your ladders for anything else. We’ve put together 6 interesting ladder ideas, far away from their normal uses…Enjoy!

Choosing the right extension ladder

Taking the time to pick right extension ladder can be a confusing decision, but basically it comes down to what is it being used for. You need to take into consideration which type will be more useful to you as … Continue reading

Stay safe this winter

It’s winter again – a time that’s extremely dangerous for anyone involved in work at height. We want to make sure you are safe when working with ladders so here are some handy hints to keep you safe this winter.

Aluminium ladder hazards

When are you deciding what kind of ladder to invest in, you must weigh up the relative benefits and hazards of the various designs. Although aluminium ladders are very common, there are a few hazards that come for using an … Continue reading

A brief summary of ladder development

A ladder is such a common and ordinary object that not many people consider its origins. The word can be traced back to a similar Old English word meaning ‘something that slopes’ as well as being linked to the latin … Continue reading

Why choose aluminium extension ladders?

Aluminium extension ladders are extremely durable, since they are made from high tensile metal, are able to withstand day-to-day wear and tear very well. They will also not dent, chip or crack when severe impacted. You will not need a … Continue reading

Select your aluminium ladders carefully

There are several factors to consider before investing in aluminium extension ladders. First you must choose from the two types – solid beam and truss construction. Solid beam aluminium ladders Because they use a solid side rail beam with aluminium … Continue reading

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