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Category Archives: Loft ladders

Vital ways to stay safe when moving boxes to and from your loft

The festive season is in full swing, which means it’s likely that you’ve already moved your decorations down from the loft, and they’re already pinned up in all their spectacular festive glory. However, in addition to storing Christmas decorations, many … Continue reading

Quick considerations when choosing which loft ladder to buy

Now that the summer heatwave is fading and we’re moving into autumn, lots of people are looking at how to use their lofts ready for Christmas. After all, your loft is the perfect storage solution to keep any bought presents … Continue reading

Top tips from the experts on how to do a summer clear-out of your loft

Typically, most people choose spring as the best time for clearing out their loft. But increasingly, more people are choosing summer to have a good clear-out, too. We can see why – there’s something about the bright sunshine that leaves … Continue reading

How to carry out a health check of your roof

Homeowners are using this particularly hot summer as a brilliant opportunity to carry out a health check of their roof. In many ways, it’s perfect – it’s bright, clear and dry, which mitigates a number of safety concerns normally associated … Continue reading

Why You’ll Need A Loft Ladder This Christmas

As November began, we already started to see Christmas trees in shops, with ribbons of decorations strung across high streets. It’s closer than you think! And with that in mind, many of the more organised amongst you might be thinking … Continue reading

Loftier Heights: The Advantages Of Having A Loft Ladder

It’s perfectly feasible to own a loft without the use of a loft ladder – after all, there are plenty of rigid ladders or stepladders that can get you up there if you need to. And while that’s not untrue, … Continue reading

Top tips for installing loft ladders safely

While it might seem like a daunting task, many keen homeowners often decide to install a loft ladder themselves. But whether you’re mad about home DIY or a professional tradesperson, installing a loft ladder can be a very tricky task. … Continue reading

Loft Ladders: Reviews

With so many models of loft ladders on the market, choosing the correct one can feel like a bit of a minefield. Below are reviews on three of our Aluminium loft ladders, ranging from lightweight to heavy duty.

Loft Conversion Safety Tips

A loft conversion can be a great addition to any property, adding space and value. In addition, loft conversion costs are particularly low compared to the cost of a full-on home extension. Get some tips on how to ensure your … Continue reading

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