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How To Recognise The Hallmarks Of A Quality Roof Ladder

Whether you’re a homeowner or professional, working on a roof is easily the most dangerous task you can do. Records from the Health and Safety Executive show that in the last few years, roofers accounted for around 24% of all … Continue reading

Why You’ll Need A Loft Ladder This Christmas

As November began, we already started to see Christmas trees in shops, with ribbons of decorations strung across high streets. It’s closer than you think! And with that in mind, many of the more organised amongst you might be thinking … Continue reading

New Safety Guidance Released On Telescopic Ladders

Following a spate of substandard products being released to the public, the Ladder Association has recently released new safety guidance with regard to the use of telescopic ladders. Safety is extremely important to us here at Browns Ladders, so we’re … Continue reading

Quick Checks Before Using Your Ladders – Series 2

In the second and final instalment in our series about home ladder inspections, we’re running you through some quick things to check each time you use your ladder including things like protruding screws, loose parts, dirt and manufacture defects. Though … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning With Ladders: Clearing Out Gardens And Lofts

Continuing on from last week’s blog, you may well be planning – or even in the midst of – some odd spring cleaning jobs around the house. As always, ladders and other access equipment are invaluable tools, so we’re back … Continue reading

When’s The Best Time To Use A Scaffold Tower?

Though both ladders and scaffold towers are immensely useful pieces of access equipment, they can be useful in different sets of circumstances. In this week’s blog, we touch upon some of the key differences between the two of them so … Continue reading

Which Ladders Should Electricians Use?

Like many trades, electricians are subject to their own occupational hazards, the consequences of which can range from the mildly painful to the immediately fatal. When carrying out any task that involves working with electricity, choosing the correct access equipment … Continue reading

Loftier Heights: The Advantages Of Having A Loft Ladder

It’s perfectly feasible to own a loft without the use of a loft ladder – after all, there are plenty of rigid ladders or stepladders that can get you up there if you need to. And while that’s not untrue, … Continue reading

Good Material Is Everything: Types Of Material In Ladders

We’ve talked previously about the importance of picking the right ladder for the job – and it’s true, there’s no more vital check to do. But the materials play a big part in the equation too. There can be a … Continue reading

Our top rated work platforms

Work platforms are as handy as stepladders when it comes to accessing heights. While they may not offer access to scaling heights, they do give you that boost required by many jobs. As always, choosing the right work platform is … Continue reading

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