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Category Archives: Safety training

4 top tips on working safely while trimming your garden’s trees

With heavy rain on the way, it’s safe to say we’re finally coming to the end of summer! However, there’s still just a bit of time left to get some final tasks done for the onset of winter. If you … Continue reading

The Safety Equipment You Need as a Window Cleaner

The 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act requires employers to ensure that their employees are as safe as is practical depending on the environment. For window cleaners, this means that not only do employees need to receive the appropriate … Continue reading

We’re Officially Celebrating 70 Years In Business!

At Browns Ladders, we’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading ladder retailers – a pretty impressive feat for a small family business originally started exactly 70 years ago. To celebrate, we’re taking a quick look back at our … Continue reading

Stay safe with Personal Protective Equipment

Sometimes you are faced with real challenges on the job; risks to your health and safety that cannot be controlled in any way but by Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). While this type of work should be avoided if possible, we … Continue reading

The pitfalls of using unsafe access equipment

Follow safety regulations isn’t just the right thing to do, it also keeps employers on the right side of the law. Failing to meet working at height standards and providing unsafe access equipment on the job can result in major … Continue reading

REVIEW: Accredited ladders and steps user course

This week on the blog, we’re taking an in-depth look at one of our most popular professional Health and Safety courses: our nationally recognised, accredited ladders and steps user course. In just four hours, your business could have the protection … Continue reading

The 3 points of contact rule of ladder safety

Everyone slips and falls sometimes. But some accidents can be more serious than others. The 3 points of contact rule was invented to reduce the chances of you falling from a ladder – and at Browns Ladders, we take it … Continue reading

HSE ladder safety guidelines

The Health and Safety Executive have online guidelines available designed to raise awareness. Every year many people are injured or killed while working on ladders. The HSE’s guidance builds on the Work at Height Regulations.

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