By now, you’ll all know how seriously we take health and safety at Browns Ladders. As a result, we make sure that all of our products are classified to the standards required by the British Standards Institution, where relevant. This not only ensures that we’re providing you with good quality, safe products, it also allows you to make an informed decision about your purchase – helping you to pick the right product for the job.

British Standards apply to most ladders and step ladders, made of timber, aluminium and glass fibre. The equipment classifications you’ll see us use for these ladders our website are:

Industrial to BS2037 class 1 rating
Trade to BSEN131 class 2 rating
DIY to BS2037 class 3 rating

So, what actually is the difference between DIY, TRADE and INDUSTRIAL equipment classifications then?

Classification: Industrial, BS2037, or BS1129 for timber ladders

The industrial standard applies to all products being used in an industrial environment; these are high quality products, designed for heavy and regular loading. They have a duty rating of 130kg and a maximum vertical safe working load of 175kg.

Duty Rating covers the weight of the user plus the weight of the tools and materials that are allowed when moving up and down on the product.

Maximum vertical safe working load is a useful and accurate guide to the weight that each piece of equipment can take.

Classification: Trade, BSEN131

BSEN131 is the new European recognised standard to replace BS2037. This standard covers the products being used only in a trade environment. They’re designed for regular light trade work and have a duty rating of 110kg and a maximum vertical safe working load of 150kg.

Classification: Domestic (DIY), BS2037

The domestic standard applies to products being used in and around the home. They are not designed for trade use, industrial use or for regular use. What’s more, insurance companies often state that using domestic ladders and steps for commercial work will invalidate claims for personal injury. So, don’t be tempted to invest in a cheaper product that’s less suited to your job. It’s really not worth the risk!

The domestic standard has a duty rating of 95kg and a maximum safe working load of 125kg.

Separate to these classifications, there’s also a new European wide standard for Loft Ladders – BS14975 – which allows for a maximum load of 150g.

Help! My product isn’t certified. Does that mean it’s not safe?

Don’t worry, some products won’t have any certification because of the type of product they are – for example roof ladders and warehouse steps. Where this is the case, our products have been manufactured with the relevant materials and assembled in the same manner as a certified product should be – so you can be assured of your safe wellbeing.

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