If you’re looking for access equipment that’s both durable and non-conductive, there’s no better material choice than fibreglass. Fibreglass access equipment is a great choice for all outdoor work and a must-have for any tradesperson working around live electricity. At Browns Ladders, you’ll find everything from fibreglass platform steps to fibreglass access towers. So whatever your trade, Browns Ladders has the perfect fibreglass access solution.

The perks of fibreglass

fibreglass steps

The obvious perk of fibreglass is its non-conductive properties. This makes fibreglass access equipment a great choice if you’re working around live sources of electricity. Furthermore, when compared to other non-conductive materials like wood, fibreglass is lighter, easier to transport and longer-lasting too.

Its strength is another benefit that fibreglass has over other materials. Strong and robust, you can expect years of use from any fibreglass product. Its properties also mean that fibreglass is highly resistant to denting and twisting.

Lastly, fibreglass is extremely resistant to weathering. Fibreglass access equipment can be used in the sun and harsh winter conditions and won’t corrode or rust. This makes fibreglass ideal for outdoor work and in trades like painting and decorating.

Fibreglass access equipment at Browns Ladders

fibreglass ladder range

At Brown Ladders, you’ll find a whole range of fibreglass steps and ladders.

Our Lyte Fibre Glass Widesteps are one of our favourite fibreglass products, thanks to all the safety features they’ve got built in. The wide steps are comfortable to work from and feature a wide working platform that measures 400mm x 600mm. The product also comes with two fitted handrails, for additional safety, and wheels at the rear designed to make transportation easier.

If you’re looking for regular platform steps made from fibreglass material, look no further than the Lyte Fibre Glass Trade Platform Steps. Suitable for electricians, alarm installers and any other tradesperson working around electricity, these platform steps are a must-buy. Aluminium external side arms prevent slips and trips while slip-resistant feet also offer another layer of safety. The design also features a handy tool tray, making work at a height safe and easy.

For those tradesmen look for an all-in-one fibreglass access solution, choose our Zarges 3-Part Fibreglass Skymaster. The combination ladder features six ladders in one – with each ladder offering optimum protection around live electricity. The product has been certified to EN131 Trade Standard – so you can be confident of its safety features and durability.

We also stock Fibreglass Access Towers, ideal for builders and construction workers working in industrial areas. The HiLyte Single Width Tower and Double Width Tower boast non-conductive and non-corroding properties, making them suitable for all weather conditions and for use in Zone 1 areas.

If you’re looking for other specialist materials or access products, head over to our Specialist Ladders page. With access equipment for surveyors, window cleaners and more, you can be sure of a safe working environment.

What fibreglass access equipment do you recommend? Share your favourite fibreglass picks with us over on Twitter @BrownsLadders