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How to clean your gutters safely


Water trapped in gutters cause major problems. Your roof and walls get damaged, owing to trapped water – clearing it is an unavoidable task.

More importantly, do is safely using the right equipment. UK ladder accidents send over 40,000 people to hospital annually. Injuries can easily be avoided by following simple safety measures.

Here is some safety advice from Browns Ladders:

You need to gain access to your roof using a ladder. Use a ladder appropriate to your house size. If you have a bungalow, you can use either a step ladder or smaller extension ladders.

But a two-story house will definitely need an proper extension ladder.

Never lean your ladder the gutter – they may bend or break. Instead, think about using a ladder stand off.

Also, consider using ladder stabilisers or ladder feet to help ensure it doesn’t hit the ground

When you remove the leaves and twigs from gutters by hand or with a large spoon, a gutter scoop or a small garden trowel.

Some more dos and don’ts

Lean the ladders at the correct angle – as specified in the ladder instructions.

Use some sort of ladder bucket hook to hold your bucket of debris.

When using a pressure washer, be extremely careful. You might get blown off.

Never ever overreach. To avoid this, change the position when needed.

Never stand on the top three rungs on the top three ladder rungs.

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