Whether you’re a homeowner or professional, working on a roof is easily the most dangerous task you can do. Records from the Health and Safety Executive show that in the last few years, roofers accounted for around 24% of all those who are killed in accidents when working from height.

The key to staying safe is diligence, carefulness and quality equipment. Only you can really be responsible for those first two, but here at Browns Ladders we’re dedicated with providing you equipment you can count on. This week on the blog, we go through a couple of things to look out for when you’re searching for the perfect roof ladder.

Solid Safety Features And A Design You Can Trust

yte aluminium roof ladders

One of the major aspects that you should look at first when purchasing a roof ladder is the ridge hooks that affix it to the roof. The heavy-duty hooks on our own roof ladders are often manufactured for trade environments, which mean you can still rely on them for even the most demanding of tasks. It’s not recommended to set foot on the tiles themselves because of the risk of slipping and falling (especially when it’s raining), which means the hooks play a vital part in turning your ladder into a base to work from when you’re up on the roof.

At Browns Ladders, many of our own roof ladders also boast additional safety features, such as industrial, non-slip rungs, and box-section tiles, to minimise the risk of slipping while on or climbing the ladder

Excellent Construction And Overall Build Quality

roof ladder

The ideal roof ladder will have the strength and durability necessary for you to get the job done safely and efficiently. We stock both Lyte and Titan brands here at Browns Ladders, so you can count on getting a quality product at the very best prices. They’ve been manufactured not only for durability and maximum safety, but also in order to be easy to use, too, with wheels for easy manoeuvrability and transportation, and a lightweight design that makes them even more convenient.

Built To Exacting Standards

We’re very serious about your safety here at Browns Ladders, and we never stock any products that might put that at risk. Although there isn’t a standard specifically for roof ladders, the British Standards Institution began to develop one back in 2016. The date for its rollout hasn’t yet been confirmed, but it seems to be on the way! In the meantime, right now, all ladders have to meet the standards of existing legislation BS EN131, which qualifies them as being perfectly suitable for most home and trade applications.

You can browse our full range of roof ladders on our site, and it’s worth us mentioning that of course, you can count on finding every hallmark of quality we’ve outlined on this week’s blog – we practice what we preach! Of course, if you’re not sure as to whether the ladder you’re looking at will be suitable for the job in hand, we’re only too happy to advise. Don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 01282 615517.

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