The Health and Safety Executive have online guidelines available designed to raise awareness.

Every year many people are injured or killed while working on ladders. The HSE’s guidance builds on the Work at Height Regulations.

The guide consists of:

1. An employers guide to the safe use of ladders and step ladders

This covers topics such as when to use a ladder, how to choose the right ladder for the job, stopping the ladder from slipping, checking handholds and ensuring the ladder is in decent condition.  It also helps you to check you have competent users and is keeping your ladders properly maintained.

The guide includes clear dos and don’t s to show how to work safely with ladders

2.  Top tips for ladder and step ladders safety - a pocket for workers guide, outlining key messages on ladder use.

This allows workers to carry ladder safety guidelines around with them

The HSE said: “Falls from ladders cause death and major injury, nearly a third of major injuries  from falls from height each year are caused by falls from ladders.

Falls from ladders result in considerable trauma for the people injured, their colleagues, family and friends and considerable costs for employers.

You can find out more at the HSE website.