Christmas maybe the season of joy and happiness, but it is in fact one of the most dangerous times of the year.

According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), approximately 1,000 people a year are hurt when decorating their homes.

“We want to help people prevent their festivities being cut short by a trip to A&E," says Sheila Merrill, home safety manager at RoSPA.”

“Our message is that the home should be as safe as necessary, rather than as safe as possible. With a little more care and forward planning, most accidents could be avoided.”

Many homeowners take pride in decorating the exterior of their homes for the Christmas season, as this is the area that your neighbours and passer-by’s can see.

By taking a few simple precautions you can have a safe Christmas. Don’t be a statistic, if you are tasked to put up the Christmas lights this year, think about your safety.

Safety always starts with planning, review our ladder safety tips before you start decorating:

  1. Thoroughly inspect your ladder before use, especially if they haven’t been used for some time.
  2. Keep metal ladders away from wires – contact with live wires can be fatal.
  3. Make sure the ladder angle is at 75 degrees - you should use the 1 in 4 rule: make sure the ladder is 1 unit out for every 4 units up).
  4. Make sure your ladder is on an even surface and check that your working area is clear.
  5. For maximum safety, have someone 'foot' the ladder. Alternatively, if that's not possible consider using safety devices such as the Big Grip, Laddermate or the Ladder Protector.
  6. Wear suitable footwear such as good sturdy shoes or boots to prevent slipping when climbing up a ladder.
  7. When you stand on the ladder, do not overreach - make sure your belt buckle (navel) stays within the stiles.
  8. Don't work off the top three rungs.
  9. If you need to climb onto the surface of your roof, try to make sure the ladder extends at least 1m above where you are working.
  10. If you are using a stepladder, open the step completely and check all four feet are in contact with the ground and ensure all locking devices are engaged.

Below are few ladders we would recommend for outdoor decorating:

The Werner Industrial 3 Way Combination Ladder is ideal for small houses and bungalows.

Lyte’s Trade Aluminium Combination Ladders are perfect if you need something to get you to a higher place.

Finally, if your looking for something more substantial the Zarges Trade Skymaster Combination Ladders is great as it can be used as an extension ladder, step ladder and a freestanding ladder.

Reduce the risk of becoming another statistic! If you're still unsure about which ladder you need, don't worry, our friendly staff are always on hand to advise you.