With a wide number of uses telescopic ladders are a fantastic addition to your ladder collection.

Since it is divided into different sections, the most important thing for someone new to telescopic ladders to know, is that the vertical stiles vary in diameter.

This type of ladder can be collapsed into a shorter length for easier transport and storage.

Telescopic ladders are extremely safe and stable the sections can be locked.

Some benefits of telescopic ladders

They are made from aluminium, and most telescopic ladders extremely lightweight and easy to carry around.

Aluminium ladders are also useful because this type of metal can be stored outdoors.

However, this type of extension ladders conduct electricity, so they cannot be used at electrical sources.

Timber and glass fibre ladders are better options for these situations.

However, aluminium does not splinter, unlike like glass fibre and hardly any maintenance is required unlike timber.

So if you are looking for a maintenance free ladder, aluminium is your best option.

A good, strong telescopic aluminium ladder should cost between £140 and £190.

This ensures your telescopic ladder conforms to EN131 and EU class ratings and all the performance and manufacturing standards. Its normal height will be around 3.8m but will close to a length of 0.84m.

With an average weight of just 13.71g telescopic ladders can be used for commercial, trade and home use. They can accommodate weights of up for 150kg.

To make it even more secure when climbing and standing, the rungs are in a square shape.

Telescopic ladders are easy-to-use - uncomplicated to deploy, operate, and adjust even for those with smaller hands.

For the ultimate in extension ladders, consider models that are manufactured by reputable and experienced companies.

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