Access to a rooftop requires a good ladder solution, such as a professional roof ladder or CAT ladder. Opt for a less secure design or regular ladder, which isn’t fixed to the top of a roof, and you could find yourself in serious danger. The HSE report that 24% of those people killed from working from a height are roofers – the biggest category by far. However, if you use a quality solution, such as a CAT ladder or roof ladder, you can improve safety at work - minimising the risk of serious injury or a fall.

The benefits of a roof ladder

Roof ladders are the only type of ladder to ensure safe and secure access to a roof. Their unique design allows you to clip a ladder onto the roof using the fitted hooks. Roof ladders are fitted with bearer bars too – allowing weight to be spread and ensuring roof tiles are protected.

Roof ladders are easy to use too. With the majority of roof ladders, like those we stock at Browns Ladders, you simply wheel them up the roof and hook them over the roof ridge. It’s as simple as that! Also, despite their size, roof ladders tend to be lightweight too - thanks to their aluminium structure. This makes them easy to transport, move around and carry up on to a roof.

Regular ladders, such as extension ladders, don’t offer adequate protection for roof work. Without a hook to secure the ladder to a roof and wheels to prevent damage to the tiles, a DIY-er or tradesperson could find himself in danger.


CAT ladders in stock at Browns

At Browns Ladders, you’ll find a range of CAT ladders – designed to ensure safety while accessing a roof. Each product within our collection comes from a reputable manufacturer, such as Lyte or Werner, to ensure quality, durability and safe access.

Our top rated roof ladders include:


The Lyte Aluminium Single Section Roof Ladder

Why there is no alternative to a roof ladder

The Lyte Roof Ladder is available in six sizes, ranging from 2.95m to 5.46m. Specially designed for roof work, the product includes a heavy duty ridge hook and rubber covered bearer bars.


The Lyte Aluminium Double Roof Ladder

Why there is no alternative to a roof ladder

The Lyte Double Roof Ladder boasts all the winning features of the Single Section Roof Ladders and is available in four sizes. The smallest is just 2.94m when closed and the largest 4.30m.


The Chase Industrial Aluminium Double Section Roof Ladder

Chase Industrial Aluminium Single Section Roof Ladder

The Chase Roof Ladder is available in four sizes, ranging from 3.75m to 5.55m. Safety features include strong ridge hooks, serrated round rungs, and bearer bars fitted with protective sheathing.

We also recommend investing in a roof ladder safety kit for optimum safety. A safety kit should include a harness, rope, tensioning straps and accessories for levelling out the ladder and ensuring stability.

If you’re new to working at heights or roof work, why not book on to our safety training course? Our Working at Height course covers everything you need to know about safe work from a height. Visit the course page to find out more.

Do you have any other tips for safe roof work? If so, send us a tweet @BrownsLadders