At Browns Ladders, safety comes first –which is why we only sell safety-approved access equipment. PAS 250 regulations are one of the safety standards that have been pushed of late, promoting the use of safe, compliant low-level platforms and work podiums. If you’re not quite sure what the safety standard means or why it’s important, we suggest you read on…

What is the PAS 250 regulation?

PAS, which stands for Publicly Available Specification, was put in place to ensure access equipment safety. The 250 part of this particular regulation relates to the height of access equipment – in this case, it’s 2.5m.

PAS 250 is a regulation that applies to low-level work platforms with one working platform with side protection for use by one person with a maximum working platform height of less than 2.5m. This particular regulation doesn’t apply to any other type or style of product.

The specification does not cover:

• Mobile access and working towers specified by BS EN 1004
• Mobile elevating work platforms specified in BS EN 280
• Room scaffolds specified in BS 1139-6
• Standing ladders with platforms specified in BS EN 131, BS 2037 AND BS 1129
• Hop-up type platforms

The PAS specifications are sponsored by PASMA and developed in collaboration with the British Standards Institution.

Why was it introduced?

PAS 250 was introduced to enhance safety standards. Over time, it became apparent that many designs for low-level platforms had been developed in the absence of a formal standard. While many designs were and are safe, there are some aspects of some low-level platforms that could be improved in terms of safety. It’s PAS 250 that gives a specification for these low-level platforms, offering relevant and specific design criteria.

PAS 250 addresses safety and performance criteria including:

• The strength of access product
• The stability of access product
• Optimum design requirements
• Side protection
• Access
• Mobility

PAS 250 approved products at Browns Ladders

PAS 250 approved access equipment at Browns

Every product available on the Browns Ladders website has been chosen because of its safety, performance and durability. Our low-level platforms and podium steps all meet the relevant standards, the following meeting essential criteria outlined by PAS 250.

The Lyte Lytepod PAS250 Podium Steps
• The Lyte HIPOD PAS250 Podium Steps

Both products boast an extensive range of features, some of which include non-removable stabilisers, salon gates for easy access and egress, stoppers for extra safety and anti-surf as standard. The Lyte Lytepod PAS 250 Podium Steps are also new for November 2016 and are available in three different size options.

A PAS 250 low-level platform can enhance safety but you - the worker - need to do your bit too. If you’re not quite sure of how to work safely at a height, why not attend our training course? Our Working at Height Training Course covers everything you need to know and includes both theoretical and practical teaching.

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