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REVIEW: Aluminium & GRP Telescopic Scaffold Towers



This week, it’s time for another product review. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at our Mobile Telescopic Scaffold Towers from renowned manufacturer, Zarges.

A world-first in mobile scaffold towers

Specially designed for commercial and industrial use, the Zarges Teletower comes in lightweight, hard-wearing aluminium or high quality GRP fibreglass. This top quality product is the world’s first telescopic mobile access tower, and an innovation that will save you time, space and effort.

The Zarges Teletower Mobile Scaffold Tower is versatile enough to allow for seven different platform heights, ranging from 0.33m to 2.0m. In fact, it can also function as a podium, with low level fixed height options of 33cm and 61cm.

Reaching working heights of up to four metres, this telescopic scaffold tower can be erected by a single user in under three minutes, saving you the time and effort associated with constructing and deconstructing a traditional mobile scaffold tower.

Safety and flexibility in one easy package

Safety and flexibility are the cornerstones of the Zarges Teletower Mobile Scaffold Tower, which features:

  • Integral telescopic guardrails
  • Integral platform stabilisers
  • Integral stabilising legs with five positions and lockable castors
  • Large folding aluminium work platform (1.40m x 0.70m) with climb through hatch
  • FREE toeboards

The Zarges teletower is a revolutionary product that is sure to become an essential for busy companies. Designed to save man hours, space and energy, these flexible telescopic scaffold towers combat the challenges caused by traditional scaffold towers, which have to be put together and dismantled again by a team of trained users every time they are needed.

Comprising only two parts – the tower and platform – Zarges teletowers stack up well against traditional scaffold towers in terms of storage, too. Where traditional towers consist of a large number of individual components, all of which require safe storage between uses and can easily get lost, Zarges towers are an exercise in simplicity.

The product has a minimal space footprint, so once the job’s done, you can stack it away in one neat and tidy place. What’s more, the tower can be transported between jobs in a car or small van, making it ideal for small businesses without a large commercial fleet or warehouse.

Free demonstration available nationwide!

If you’d like a demonstration of just how easy our mobile telescopic scaffold towers are to use, just call a member of our team on 01282 615517.  We can come and visit you on site so you can try out our Zarges teletowers for yourself.

Alternatively, you can just talk to one of our friendly staff members by email, phone or live chat function via our website. If you’ve got a question about ladders, access equipment or scaffold towers, we can help.

How would a telescopic scaffold tower improve your business? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @BrownsLadders

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