The sun is out and all our favourite fruits are ready to be picked and enjoyed in a summery dessert – so what better product to review today than the Lyte Fruit Picking Tripod Ladder?

As just one of the handpicked ladders available in our Garden Ladders range, we’ll be sharing all those need-to-know specifications and details behind the fruit picking ladder’s design…


One of the great things about the Lyte Fruit Picking Tripod Ladder is that it is made to order. Available in five different sizes, you’ll be able to pick exactly the right model for the job. The smallest ladder in the range has just 5 treads and an open height of 1.9m, while the largest ladder opens up to 4.17m and features 14 treads in its design. All the specifications and weights of each size can be found on the product page.

browns blog lyte frui picker 5 rung

Sturdy and safe

Working from a height outdoors can be dangerous. With the outdoor elements bringing anything from high temperatures to blustery wins, and often-uneven ground beneath you, you’ll want a ladder that’s both sturdy and reliable. The Lyte Fruit Picking Tripod Ladder offers you this with its industrial strength aluminum structure and rear spiked support. Other features, including the channel section side stiles fitted with deep non-slip treads, along with the ladder’s rubber feet, also prevent slips and falls. As this gardening ladder is made to order, you can also request further safety features such as an additional interchangeable non-slip rubber foot for safe use on hard surfaces.

Designed for a multitude of garden jobs

Of course, while this ladder includes fruit picking in its name, it has also been designed for  many other gardening jobs. You can also tidy up hedges, bushes and trees while working on this Lyte tripod ladder.

Our verdict

We’d recommend the Lyte Fruit Picking Tripod Ladder to any professional. It’s built to last, designed with all the right safety features and comes with a top brand name to match its top design. What’s more, its also lightweight and mobile – a must for tradespeople who are on the go and looking for products that are easy to load and transport around in their van.

As this particular ladder is made to order delivery times are a little longer than usual. Order today and you can expect to receive your custom-made product in just 15-20 working days.

If you’ll be using the Lyte Fruit Picking Tripod Ladder regularly, or any other of our garden ladders, you may want to refresh your knowledge on working from a height. As part of our Safety Training offerings, we have a Working at Height Training Course that covers all the key subjects and details you’ll need to know. To find out more about this half day course, contact our course enquiries team on 01282 615 517.

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