Today’s review looks at the Lyte Helix tower range. These industrial towers comes in a range of sizes and in single and double widths – both of which we stock at Brown’s Ladders. So let’s get down to business and explore the features of the Lyte Helix towers we have available.

Lyte Helix single width towers

With the single width towers, we have two different products available, the 1.8m length tower and the 2.5m length tower. Each product also comes with a range of 13 different platform height options, all varying in price. The cheapest product in the range has a platform height of 2.2m, whilst the most expensive has a platform height that sits at an impressive 8.2m. Platform heights increase by 0.5m within the 13 different options available.

The single towers come with a dual brake on/off system to keep you safe whilst working at a height. The wide ladder with hexagonal rungs for easy climbing, the reinforced platforms and the large articulated rubber feet on all stabilisers also provide that extra security for workers. In fact you can be sure of its safety as the product has been tested to BSEN1004:2004 standards.

Lyte have also kept ease of set up and take down in mind when designing the Helix towers. Smooth and ribbed tubing on braces enable quick identification and set up. Whilst fast release pull rings with stainless steel pins on all bracings make the dismantling of the tower quick and easy – which is especially useful when you’re short on time or working in bad weather conditions.

Other key features include:

• 3mm frame spigots
• Extruded tube diameter of 50.8mm
• Extruded tube thickness of 1.6mm
• Compatibility with 3T regulations

Lyte Helix double width towers

The double width towers have a scaffold width of 1.45m, compared to 0.85m - which you’ll find with the single width towers. Again, the double width towers are available in both 1.8m lengths and 2.5m lengths, with 13 different platform heights to choose from.

When it comes to the other key features of the double width towers, they remain the same as the single width Helix towers – so you can be assured of safe and easy working conditions whichever product you choose.

Why not take a look at all the full description for the scaffold towers here.

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