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Review: Pinnacle Fibreglass Combination Ladders



When it comes to choosing the perfect ladder, combination ladders sit up there with the best. Offering the ultimate in versatility, they’re ideal for use at home, for DIY projects, as well as for trade and industrial use. The Pinnacle Fibreglass Combination Ladder comes in a variety of sizes and is our product of choice for today’s blog. Safe, durable, and extremely versatile, it can adapt to almost any task imaginable.

Top pick for electrical engineers

One of the huge benefits of the Pinnacle combination ladder is its fibreglass material. Unlike the majority of ladders out there, designed with lightweight aluminium material, fibreglass can be used by electrical engineers, alarm system installers, and operatives who work around electricity. Its non-conductive fibreglass stiles have been tested to 30,000 volts and ensure health and safety when working around any type of electrical hazard.


Fantastic features built-in

The Pinnacle ladder also guarantees comfort and ease of working. Its square shaped rungs provide comfortable climbing; and features such as wall running wheels, locking stays and nylon coated guides all ensure the product is stable to work from and durable. The telescopic safety base also provides additional stability in all configurations and the product is safe use on uneven surfaces, such as kerbs and slopes.


Suited to a wide range of jobs and trades

Like most combination ladders, the Pinnacle ladder also offers multiple uses in one product. In fact, it’s described as a 4-in-1 ladder and can be used as a triple ladder, an A frame stepladder, free standing stepladder, and stairwell ladder. This not only guarantees value for money, its also makes every job easy with the need to carry around just one ladder instead of four.

Lastly, the Pinnacle combi ladder is available in four different sizes. The smallest ladder in the range, the 2.0m model, offers an extended length of 4.20m and max tread height of 1.94. The largest model, the 3.5m ladder, is almost double the size, and offers an extended length of 8.10m and a max tread height of 3.44m. With such variety in ladder length, you’re guaranteed to find a Pinnacle combi ladder suitable for your line of work.

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