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REVIEW: Sigmadeck low level access tower


sigmadeck low level access tower

Another week, another review here at Browns Ladders. This time we’re looking at one of the most comprehensive products in our low level work platforms range – the Sigmadeck low level access tower.

Why use a low level platform like the Sigmadeck tower?

Low level platforms – or hop ups – as you might call them, are great for those hard to reach areas that you just can’t get to at ground level. The Sigmadeck tower in particular is ideal for finished flooring surfaces you’d find indoors. And unlike some of the other options you may have available to you, the Sigmadeck tower, with its compact dimensions, can fit through narrow spaces – like standard doorways and standard lifts. Being able to transport the Sigmadeck whilst it’s still assembled is a big time saver, and just one of the great perks about this low level access tower.

So what is the product spec?

The basic dimensions of the Sigmadeck low level access tower are as follows:

Platform height: 1.6m – giving you a maximum working height of 3.6m
Width: 0.73m
Length 1.5m
Weight: Approx. 25kg for the frame, with a total weight of 55.17kg
Safe working load: 225kg

Forget long set up and take down times…

Despite the size of the product, the Sigmadeck is extremely easy to set up. Assembling and dismantling of the tower can be done within seconds – with minimum lightweight components required. What’s more, the frames fold automatically, without the need for pins and clips – so you won’t be on your hands and needs trying to retrieve clips you’ve lost or dropped during the dismantling process. Likewise, you can be assured that once you’ve opened the frames, the tower will be safe to work from. We all know that remembering to ensure all pins and clips are in place can sometimes just add additional stress to the job!

Suited to a variety of jobs and working heights

One of the main things that sets a low level access tower like the Sigmadeck apart from other platforms is its versatility. Its six rung frame gives you a choice of working heights, which is perfect for tradesmen who need to work in a variety of scenarios at a variety of heights. The variable platform heights are as follows:

• 0.35m
• 0.6m
• 0.85m
• 1.1m
• 1.35m
• 1.6m

Built with safety in mind

Of course, a Browns ladders product wouldn’t be complete without maximum safety built in – and the Sigmadeck low level access tower is no exception. The guardrail system provided guarantees proper guardrail placement at all levels, whilst the serrated, non-slip rungs and trap door platform allow safe access to the working area as standard. With the unpredictable British weather and move into Autumn, it’s also important to consider a platform that’s safe in any weather condition. The Sigmadeck’s anti-skid decking, weatherproof design and lockable castors all ensure that you’re safe in rain, wind or sunshine!

To find out more about the Sigmadeck low level access tower, visit the product page or call our helpful team on 0845 1309225

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