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REVIEW: The Ugo Pak Flat Podium Steps


ugo pac flat podium step

When working at height, you need to be absolutely sure you’ve minimised every risk of accident and injury. One reliable way to do that is by using work platforms and podiums – with rails to the front, back and sides, they significantly reduce the chance of a fall. We’re taking a closer look at one of the top of the range work platforms: the Ugo Pak Flat Podium Steps.

Innovative features and easy to use

The Ugo Pak Flat Podium is simplicity itself to assemble. It can be put together in three quick steps taking less than a minute, meaning it doesn’t eat into valuable working time. The slim build of the Ugo Pak Flat Podium means it can fit through standard doorways and up stairs, turning any room into a potential workspace. When you’re finished, the unit folds completely flat for simple storage, and easily fits into or on top of a small van.

The ideal platform for lone workers

The Ugo Pak Flat Podium is a one-piece unit and there are no detachable components to lose or assemble. At a light 25kg, it is within manual handling guidelines and can be easily carried and assembled by one person, making it ideal for smaller jobs where only one worker is required. The unit also has lockable wheels, for greater manoeuvrability.

A versatile platform that doesn’t compromise on safety

The podium has two working heights: 700mm and 950mm, offering versatility to help get a wider range of jobs done. Designed to meet all the relevant requirements of the Working at Height Regulations (WAHR), you know when you’re using the Ugo Pak Flat Podium you’re minimising risk effectively.

With guardrails at the front, side and rear, anyone working on the platform is protected from all directions, and the guardrail incorporates a locking entry gate. The platform sized at 600mm x 600mm ensures there is plenty of room to move around while working, and with a maximum capacity of 150kg you never need to worry that the podium can’t take the strain.

Made from tough but light-weight aluminium, the bright yellow powder-coated finish keeps the podium more visible in low light conditions. The component based construction of the Ugo Pak Flat Podium means that if any part is damaged, it is easy to replace without replacing the whole unit. The Ugo Pak Flat Podium is also available with optional outriggers.

Find Ugo Pak Flat Podium Steps at Brown’s Ladders

At Brown’s, we stock a wide range of high quality and durable podiums and work platforms, so we can always meet your needs when you’re working at height. Delivery on all work podiums and platforms is free, and if ordered before 11.30 am we despatch the same day. To give you the ultimate peace of mind, every product comes with a 12 month guarantee. If you’d like to know more, contact us on 0845 1309225 or via our enquiry form.

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