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REVIEW: Zarges Telepod telescopic mobile podium


Zarges Telepod

It’s time for another review of one of our products here on the blog, and in this article we’re taking a closer look at the Zarges Telepod telescopic mobile podium – one of the high quality podiums in our range.

Every product within in our podium and work platform range is highly durable and safe. Each one has been designed to significantly reduce the risk of injury when working at a height. Features such as rails have been implemented into many to prevent falls from the front, rear and sides and the Zarges Telepod telescopic mobile podium is no different.

A brand new design

The Telepod is something quite special really; it was the world’s first mobile telescopic podium. It’s quick and easy to set up and can be erected in under two minutes, and just as easy to take down. The Telepod folds down for ease of transportation and storage and easily fits into the back of an estate car or van:

Telepod measurements folded down – with handrail extended
0.98 (H) x 0.68 (W) x 0.34 (L)

Telepod measurements folded down – without handrail extended
0.76 (H) x 0.68 (W) x 0.34 (L)

The addition of wheels and an extending handrail also ensure it’s easy to transport around. You can wheel it around just like you would with luggage. Zarges have also thought carefully about making the Telepod easy to carry – for example up or down staircases. They’ve ensured that the product is as lightweight as possible and fit a carry strap for ease of use.

Flexible to your requirements

The Telepod comes in one standard size but has a range of adjustable platform heights. The platform can sit at 0.57m, 0.82m and 0.99m giving a maximum working height of 2.57m, 2.82m and 3m respectively. As the Telepod has extra safe railings built in, the total height of the product is actually 1.91m. The spacious platform – which measures a comfortable 600mm x 600mm – includes two lockable gates allowing access from both sides. This ensures protection from falls from every single angle making it one of the safest products we have available. In addition, features like extending stabilisers increase the footprint during use, which in turn limit the likelihood of the podium toppling.

Ensuring your safety

You don’t need to just take our word for it; the Telepod has also met EN1004 standards, meaning it complies with important European safety standards. To meet the EN1004 standard, towers (like the Telepod) have to meet the following requirements:

  • Have purpose designed platforms with safe trapdoor entry and exit
  • Have built-in access for safe ascent and descent
  • Supplied with the correct size and quantity of stabilisers to prevent overturning
  • Have the correct quantity and number of guardrails with the correct gaps and dimensions to prevent a fall

With all these great features intact, the Telepod makes a great workstation for users and is suitable for working on for long periods of time (30 minutes plus).

You’ll find the Telepod on our podium and work platforms product page, amongst a range of fantastic other products.

Have you used the Zarges Telepod telescopic mobile podium? If so, what was your user experience? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @BrownsLadders

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