It’s been a while since we had a product review on the blog but we’re back with one today! The product of choice this week is the popular Zarges Z300 Work Platform, ideal for the busy summer season and a wide range of tradesmen. Read on to find out more…

Designed for safe working at a height

Zarges z300 options

Like all our work platforms, the Zarges Z300 Work Platform has been designed to significantly reduce the risk of injury when working at height.

The comfortable, non-slip platform is easy to work from and meets all safety and quality standards, while giving a working height of 2.70m.

The platform itself has a non-slip PVC granulate surface on a soft PVC substrate with joint friendly cushioning effect - because when you’re comfortable work can be done more effectively and efficiently.

If you'd prefer a wooden surface, that too can be arranged as there are two options available upon checkout.

Intelligent features


The platform’s non-slip features mean that you can be assured of safety even when working around oily substances or on ice, during jobs in winter. The replaceable two-component plastic end caps ensure proper and safe positioning without the risk of slipping while providing firm seating in the stile.

If, over time, the platform becomes dirty or gets covered in a hazardous material there’s no need for a replacement. The platform is easy to clean and can be replaced, if necessary, as a standalone item - meaning you needn’t worry about replacing the whole thing.

Double-up on the job

Zarges z300 weights

The strength and durability of the platform is one of the highlights of this product. It can carry a load of 300kg – which means two people can use it at the same time, again increasing the ease and efficiency of a job.

There’s also plenty of space for two people as the platform spans a generous 1.70m length by a 0.6m width. Strong Zarges quality flanging also connects the deep aluminium rung and stile for extra security.

Despite the strength and size of the product it’s still easy to transport!

The foldable work platform folds down into extremely small dimensions, making it easy to pack up into your van or simply move between different rooms and settings.

Purchasing the platform

The cost of the Zarges Z300 Work Platform is dependent on the material chosen. While the wooden version comes in at £330.34 (inc VAT), the R13 safety designed PVC version is priced slightly higher at £478.08.

To find out more about the Zarges Z300 Work Platform, or to order it today, visit the product page. Alternatively you can call us on 01282 615 517 to find out more about the product.

As with all our products the Zarges platform is available for next day delivery at an additional charge, or we can ship it for free on standard delivery to all UK addresses.

Have you used the Zarges Z300 Work Platform? If so, why not leave a product review in the comments below or on the product page. Alternatively you could tweet your review to @BrownsLadders