It’s winter again – a time that’s extremely dangerous for anyone involved in work at height.

We want to make sure you are safe when working with ladders so here are some handy hints to keep you safe this winter.

DO NOT do any of the following this winter:

-      Use ladders with frost and ice on them

-      Work without fall protection

-      Stay in the cold for long periods

-      Put your ladder on icy and snowy areas

-      Go near damaged power lines

-      Let the area fill with snow and ice

-      Work without wearing high visibility clothing

-      Use power tools without checking them

DO follow these rules:

-      Clear your ladders of frost, ice and ensure it is not slippery

-      Have some form of fall protection

-      Use safe practices to reduce exposure to cold weather

-      When you MUST be near power lines, use non-metal ladders

-      Clear surfaces of snow and ice and use salt where appropriate

-      Wear reflective clothing

-      Check your power before use

-      Scoop out small amounts of ice at a time to avoid injury

Remember, ladder falls can be easily avoided – even in winter. Don’t be one of the unlucky ones that get injured.