With Christmas on the horizon, you might already be thinking about how to add a bit of festivity to your home. And depending on your passion and budget, hanging your decorations might be a simple task for a single afternoon, or it might take several days and a whole lot of planning. Either way, you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve got ladders for every eventuality here at Browns Ladders, whether it’s just some tinsel in your living room or elaborate light displays on your exterior walls. So which ladder is best for you?

Make Inside Jobs Easier With Stepladders

lyte step ladders

First up in our suggested stepladders for hanging decorations inside, it’s our Lyte Trade Fibreglass Platform Step. As its name might suggest, it’s primarily designed for trade use, so any homeowner will find it more than adequate for their purposes, while offices can rest easy in the knowledge that it’s designed for far more strenuous tasks. This Lyte Platform Step is a quality example of access equipment with a lengthy lifespan, and its fibre-glass construction means that it’s non-conducive, which is especially helpful when plugging in electrical features like Christmas lights.

If you’re thinking about its lifespan beyond its uses for Christmas, a Lyte Fibreglass Platform Step isn’t your only option. You’ve also got products like the Chase Aluminium Heavy-Duty Industrial Builder’s Steps. With a 175kg maximum load, it’s exceptionally sturdy for its size, making it just as fit for robust trade use as it is for casual Christmas decorating. It’s also got deeply serrated treads, to vastly increase grip and reduce the chances of a fall.

Stay Safe With Roof Ladders For Outside Jobs

lyte aluminium roof ladders

When it comes to hanging Christmas decorations outside, whether you’re adding the final touches to a towering Christmas tree or installing a brilliant light display on your house’s exterior wall, you’ll likely find the Lyte Aluminium Single-Section Roof Ladder to be particularly useful. It combines the strength of a trade ladder with a heavy-duty ridge hook, so you can rest easy in the knowledge of being totally secure. It’s available in six sizes, so you can pick the one that especially suits your needs.

A word of warning though – our experts strongly advise against using it with live electricity, as its aluminium construction makes it conducive. ONLY switch on the power to Christmas decorations once you’ve finished hanging them, and if you think there’s any risk to your personal safety then it might be an idea to consider investing in alternative options.

Thankfully, we’re not short of those here at Browns Ladders. You might want to browse our fibreglass extension ladders as a good place to start, or talk to one of our experts, any one of whom will be only too happy to advise. You can pop into our store in Glenway Works in Lancashire, or give us a call on 01282 615517.

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