Combination ladders have been with us for a good long while now, so it can sometimes be easy to forget quite how revolutionary they were as a concept. Suddenly, tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts didn’t have to concern themselves with gathering several different extension ladders or stepladders for different jobs - here was a piece of access equipment that could do it all in one.

Today, you can take your pick from a dizzyingly huge range of combination ladders - including an excellent stock available right here on our site here at Browns Ladders. But if you’re still settling on your final decision, we’ve got three fantastic suggestions that should cover all your bases.

Little Giant Conquest All-Terrain Pro Multi-Purpose Ladder

This one is brand new to the UK market, making it one of the latest additions to our stock here at Browns Ladders. Made by acclaimed manufacturer TB Davies, the Little Giant Conquest All-Terrain Pro Multi-Purpose Ladder has been described as its most comprehensive ladder system yet. It’s been designed specifically for use by professionals and specialists working in specific fields, like telecoms, power networks, and home users who want the very best standards for their equipment. Notably, it’s also compliant with the recent change in ladder standards to EN131-4:2020.

It’s capable of fulfilling the roles of stepladder, extension ladder, staircase and 90-degree ladder, with 150kg work load capacity. Its solid, dependable build has been rounded out with a number of handy features, including the SafetyRails to increase stability at the top of the ladder, and the side-mounted stabilising legs and swivel foot that both provide extra peace of mind on unstable ground. Even the stile assembles can be turned into a pair of trestles for a time-saving scaffolding system.

All told, it perfectly exemplifies the manufacturer’s attitude to versatility, safety and efficiency, making it a worthy addition to your inventory.

Hymer Telesteps Telescopic Combination Ladder

Sharing a number of strengths with Little Giant’s offering, the Telesteps Telescopic Combination Ladder features Hymer’s famed Red Line, which for decades has been used by the company as a shorthand to indicate quality. Personally here at Browns Ladders, we think it’s a shorthand that’s been richly deserved.

Safety and ease-of-use have clearly been two of the biggest priorities for Hymer in the construction of its telescopic combination ladder, with its prominent safety rails and the rapid locks, which make adjusting the ladder both quick and easy. Its compact size also means it can be easily stored and transported, while its working height of 7.2 metres allows it to be used for a significant array of jobs, especially in the role of a leaning ladder or stepladder. Hymer’s dedication to quality is very clear to see in the build of the finished ladder, embodying that distinctive German reliability and efficiency have long been the hallmarks of this prestigious global manufacturer.

Youngman 3 in 1 Combination Ladder

We know that budget is always going to be one of your chief concerns when choosing a ladder, so it’s always a good idea to take a quick look at what the most economical options can offer you too. But just because you opt for a ladder at a lower price, that doesn’t mean you should be sacrificing anything with regards to quality. And that’s exactly where the Youngman 3 in 1 combination ladder comes in, providing cost savings, versatility and flawless safety value in a single package.

The Youngman 3 in 1 is designed to seamlessly transform into a stepladder, extension ladder and stairwell ladder in turn. Youngman itself is a brand with a storied history and a solid reputation for quality, and we certainly weren’t disappointed with this ladder. Safety, security and stability were all evidently firmly at the top of the list of the manufacturer’s priorities, evidenced by the locking restraint, slip resistant square rungs for comfort and security, and a wide stabiliser bar for added safety. It also conforms to the EN131 standard. All in all, it’s a brilliant option if you’re looking for reliability, longevity, and value for money.

This is just a small sample of our top favourites - you can find plenty more examples in our full range of combination ladders. We’ve got more than 70 years of experience with access equipment here at Browns Ladders, so if you ever need any advice, answers to any questions, or if you simply can’t find a specific product you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch with us by giving us a call on 01282 615517. We’re always happy to help!