As November began, we already started to see Christmas trees in shops, with ribbons of decorations strung across high streets. It’s closer than you think! And with that in mind, many of the more organised amongst you might be thinking of ways you’ll be using your loft in the run up to Christmas – it’s likely to see a lot more traffic than perhaps at other times of year. This week on the blog, we’re looking at why it might be a good idea to invest in a decent loft ladder, and why you’ll be thankful for it!

3 Reasons You’ll Use Your Loft More This Christmas.

Climbing a loft ladder

We know our readers are busy people, so we’ll get right into it. Firstly, in the run up to Christmas you’ll want to be thinking about whether or not you’re hosting any guests this year. If you are, it might be a good idea to start clearing space for when they come round – which is where the extra storage space in your loft often comes in handy.

If you’re doing your Christmas shopping early, your loft also makes the perfect hiding place for presents (wrapped or unwrapped). Whether there are small children, teenagers or even full-grown adults you’re aiming to hide things from, it’s very unlikely they’ll accidentally stumble into the loft. It’s especially helpful when it comes to hiding larger presents, too!

Quite apart from getting things out of the loft, you might also want to consider getting things down from it – unpacking all the cardboard boxes full of Christmas decorations and whimsical Santa ornaments. If you’re making the trip several times, remember that you’ll be doing the same thing all over again when it comes to putting them back up there. For these reasons alone, you’ll likely find that a decent loft ladder is an excellent investment! But let’s examine things in a bit more detail…

The Key Advantages Of A Loft Ladder

why choose a telescopic loft ladder

Anyone who has one almost certainly can’t deny that having a loft ladder already in place and ready for use is infinitely more convenient than having to haul a standard variant up from the garage or shed downstairs. It’s also – and this is key – easier to get away with, if you’re looking to hide presents quickly and stealthily!

This convenience is actually key to the entire design of a loft ladder. It can be unfolded and stored again quickly and easily, providing effortless access to your loft and helping you to make the most of the space. Most importantly, using a specialised loft ladder is a lot safer and more stable than trying to make do with a regular ladder. For example, it’s anchored in place by default, so you don’t have to worry about whether it’ll slip against the edge of the loft entrance – and this stability guarantees safety from a potentially nasty fall.

We’ve got a variety of ladders in stock here at Browns, but our Abru Blue Seal Deluxe loft ladder definitely tops our list of recommendations. Made from quality pinewood, it also has smoothly-operated dovetail joints, spring assisted stowage for extra convenience and a handrail for extra safety. The warmth of its wooden hue also helps it to look the part for Christmas, too!

If you decide it’s not for you, though, there are plenty of other loft ladders to choose from amongst our range – take your pick! If you’ve got any questions or you need any help with anything, you can always get in touch with us by giving us a call on 01282 615517, and one of our team will be only too happy to help!

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