Fancy being in with a chance of winning a massive 180K? Think you could get lucky with a game of darts? Our good friends at Werner, the world leaders in ladders, are offering five lucky winners the opportunity to play £180k for 180 live on stage at the World Darts Championship in December. To win the grand sum of £180K, all you have to do is throw 3 darts and land a 180 – by sheer luck or skill!

If you don’t hit the jackpot, there are still other monetary prizes to be won as well as a guaranteed VIP package for all five winners. Werner are giving away £180 for landing 1 treble 20, and £1,800 for landing 2 treble 20’s; and if you don’t hit the jackpot but you’re one of the five handpicked winners, you’ll still get to experience a fantastic VIP package perfect for any darts fan! The VIP package includes tickets for you and a friend to attend the World Darts Championship complete with travel, accommodation and a meet and greet with Phil "The Power" Taylor.

Love darts but lack the skills? Here are some winner’s tips on how to strike it lucky…

Get a grip

Check out footage of a few pro darts players and you'll see there's no one consensus on the best grip. It's personal preference and largely depending on the size of your hand, the shape of the dart's barrel, and most of all, whatever feels most comfortable to you.

Some favour a pencil-style grip whilst others employ two, three, or all four fingers to stabilize the barrel. Try a variety of grips and see which one gives you the success you’re looking for!


We know it’s a tense game but make sure you're relaxed and are balancing the dart comfortably around its centre of gravity. Don't hold it too loosely, or too tightly. If you have fingers you're not actively using, keep them well out of the way of the action, and don't ball them into the palm of your hand.

Take aim

Darts don’t fly in a straight line, they fly in a parabola (a u-shaped curve). This means you're going to need to point your dart a little above your intended point of impact.


There are three crucial parts to a darts throw: the backswing, the release, and the follow-through.

  • Come back a reasonable distance, but make it smooth and considered.
  • Keep your upper arm still for now; just rotate your forearm back from the elbow, and pull the dart along a smooth, circular trajectory.
  • Be sure to keep the rest of your body stationary. The motion comes from your elbow and wrist, not your shoulder, chest, hips, or any other part of your body.
  • As you move the dart forwards, let your elbow come up naturally.
  • Remember you're throwing the dart at a slight upward angle, so time your release accordingly.

Fancy your chances? Enter on the Werner website – who knows, you may be one of the lucky five. Good luck!

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