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Zarges Class 1 triple extension ladders: Product review



Introducing Zarges triple extension ladders, manufactured from industrial strength aluminium and tested to both BS2037 Class 1 for both industrial and trade standards.

These triple extension ladders are intended for use by trade professionals and not particularly for DIY enthusiasts, although there is nothing to stop them being used for DIY tasks.

The reason for this is that as an employee, or indeed self-employed tradesman, it is a recommended by the HSE for you to use a trade or industrial classified product.

Failure to adhere to the regulations will invalidate insurances for public liability and employers liability, and could result in serious charges against you if found guilty of using the wrong equipment in the event of an accident.

So, as a professional tradesman, the Zarges triple extension ladders are perfect.

They allow you to undertake many different tasks and are designed for use on a regular basis due to their durability and strength.

Below we have outlined some typical examples for use:

Cleaning guttering

With a maximum extension length of 10m (on the largest ladder in the range), this ladder makes cleaning the gutters on buildings much simpler. With this product you could reach the lofty heights of a 3 story office building, town houses, even hospitals and schools.

Painting and decorating

Whether it’s painting the exterior of a building or reaching those difficult places inside it, such as the wall space between the ground and mezzanine floor, this ladder is perfectly suited to the task.

Gaining access to a roof

A typical everyday task, such as climbing up to the roof to repair broken roof tiles, chimney stacks or even to fit a TV aerial can be difficult and also quite dangerous without the right equipment. Zarges triple extension ladders are absolutely ideal for this due to the strength and durability of the product. Also, with various different extension lengths, you could get hundreds of possible uses out of just one item!

Other tasks you may wish to undertake include window cleaning and general maintenance work, such as pointing.

Many people also choose to buy a triple extension ladder for storage purposes as they take up far less space than a double extension ladder or equivalent equipment.

The added benefit of using an industrial rated extension ladder is when working within the construction industry, because they offer the best safety whilst working at height.

Health and safety officers on construction sites will not allow you to work on site without properly classified industrial or trade ladders and access equipment, with at the very least a Class 1 rating.

Therefore, when purchasing your equipment for your next job or thinking about replacing your existing equipment, consider your working environment and be sure to get the safest equipment possible.

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