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In House Mobile Towers - for 3T (through the Trapdoor) & AGR (Advanced guardrail) systems

Who is this course Aimed at?

To ensure personnel are trained to a high level of competence in erecting, Mobilising, inspecting, dismantling Alloy Scaffold towers.

What will I gain from taking this course?

Operatives and managers should gain the necessary competence to apply current legislation in relation to employer and employee responsibilities and duties of care, this would include how to carry out legislated Inspection procedures, how to assess W@H hazards, equipment and conduct thus reducing injuries by ensuring correct erecting mobilising and dismantling techniques.

What will I learn on this course?

  • Introduction
  • Legislation – Health & Safety
  • Accident Awareness / Prevention
  • Tower components
  • Assembling procedures
  • Assembling a Tower
  • Moving a Tower
  • Dismantling a Tower
  • Safe working practices when erecting, during the use of, moving and dismantling a Tower
  • Stability
  • Hazards
  • Theory test with pass/fail criteria
  • Inspection, practical erecting, moving, dismantling, of Alloy scaffold towers.
  • With pass/fail criteria.

For more information on the safety training course please call us on 01282 615 517.

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What tests will I undertake?
Lecture, theory assessment, practical training & assessments.

What will I need to bring on this course?
Protective footwear, suitable head protection, suitable clothing and gloves for the practical session.

Do I need any previous experience?
A working knowledge of scaffolding would be an advantage but is not essential. All delegates MUST be physically fit and able to carry out any practical session during the service.

Will I receive a certificate?
Yes, a certificate of training in the safe use and pre use checks of Mobile access towers. This will last for 3 years.

How long does the course last?
1 Day (6 hours)

How many delegates can be trained in 1 session?
Maximum of 12 delegates

Where can Browns Ladders carry out the Training?
We can provide training either at our approved training centre or at your location to suit your needs. We guarantee your operatives will receive the highest level of training on Mobile Scaffold Towers.

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