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Youngman Boss Ladderspan 3T Single Width 2.5m Length

from: £1,114.80 inc VAT

Manufacturer: Youngman

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The Boss Ladderspan 3T Tower System is designed for the professional user. The access towers are manufactured using state of the art technology to offer consistent quality. The Boss Ladderspan 3T Tower Systems offer a choice of 0.85m and 1.45m frame widths that with a choice of 1.8m or 2.5m platform lengths, and a range of platform heights from 1.2m to 12.2m. Uses 3T-Through The Trapdoor build method so the operator can assemble the system in the trapdoor of the platform.

  • Rigid and robust construction.
  • Integral ladders with 0.25m climb rung spacing and 0.5mm frame rung spacing for safe and confortable access.
  • Ribbed rung tubing for increased grip.
  • 3T - Through the Trapdoor build method.
  • Safety certification BS EN1004:2004.
  • Safe working load of 275kg per platform level.


Code Tower Width (m) Total Length (m) Platform Height Max. Safe Working Height (m) Total Tower Height (m) Approx. Product Weight (kg) Price (Ex VAT) Price (Inc VAT)
334522 0.85m 2.5m 2.2m 4.2m 3.2m 117kg £929.00 £1114.80
335522 0.85m 2.5m 2.7m 4.7m 3.7m 143kg £1087.61 £1305.13
336522 0.85m 2.5m 3.2m 5.2m 4.2m 158kg £1234.89 £1481.86
337522 0.85m 2.5m 3.7m 5.7m 4.7m 165kg £1340.06 £1608.07
338522 0.85m 2.5m 4.2m 6.2m 5.2m 172kg £1398.85 £1678.62
339522 0.85m 2.5m 4.7m 6.7m 5.7m 198kg £1557.46 £1868.95
340522 0.85m 2.5m 5.2m 7.2m 6.2m 225kg £1704.74 £2045.69
341522 0.85m 2.5m 5.7m 7.7m 6.7m 233kg £1947.01 £2336.42
342522 0.85m 2.5m 6.2m 8.2m 7.2m 239kg £2005.81 £2406.97
343522 0.85m 2.5m 6.7m 8.7m 7.7m 264kg £2167.72 £2601.26
344522 0.85m 2.5m 7.2m 9.2m 8.2m 280kg £2311.70 £2774.04
345522 0.85m 2.5m 7.7m 9.7m 8.7m 286kg £2416.87 £2900.24
346522 0.85m 2.5m 8.2m 10.2m 9.2m 382kg £2619.72 £3143.66
347522 0.85m 2.5m 8.7m 10.7m 9.7m 318kg £2634.27 £3161.13
348522 0.85m 2.5m 9.2m 11.2m 10.2m 334kg £2781.55 £3337.86
349522 0.85m 2.5m 9.7m 11.7m 10.7m 341kg £2886.72 £3464.07
350522 0.85m 2.5m 10.2m 12.2m 11.2m 347kg £2945.52 £3534.62
351522 0.85m 2.5m 10.7m 12.7m 11.7m 372kg £3104.13 £3724.95
352522 0.85m 2.5m 11.2m 13.2m 12.2m 388kg £3251.41 £3901.69
353522 0.85m 2.5m 11.7m 13.7m 12.7m 395kg £3356.58 £4027.89
354522 0.85m 2.5m 12.2m 14.2m 13.2m 401kg £3415.37 £4098.45


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