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Working at height training

Who is this course Aimed at?

The Work at Heights training course gives candidates the underpinning knowledge of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and other health & safety law. It also gives an overview of risk assessment relating to safe working at heights. This course targets employers, the self employed and any person that controls the work of others such as facilities managers or building owners.


The aim of this course is to keep it simple and real, whilst all the key subjects are covered of how to work safely at height. The course concentrates on what the delegate really needs to know for the type of work being done, for specific applications and work locations.

What will I gain from taking this course?

Attendees should complete the service with knowledge of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and other relevant health & safety law. Its also give an overview of risk assessment relating to safe working at heights.

On completion of this course delegates will be competent to work safely at height with strong hazard awareness and sound theoretical knowledge and practical experience of using fall arrest equipment. Delegates will have the ability to assess the risks and requirements needed for safely working at height n their scope of work.

They will also be able to use their job specific fall protection equipment with a high level of efficiency and confidence, as well as have the practical ability to utilize the equipment correctly and safely. .

What will I learn on this course?

The course focuses on what you need to know to use the right working at height safety equipment in order to create the safest working environment possible. The course also develops and instructs on safe methods of working according to the trade and specific work.

  • The ability to define ‘height work’
  • Identify accident causation in height work
  • An overview of legislation applicable to height work
  • An appreciation of planning & organisation of work at height
  • The ability to identify hazards in working at height
  • Appreciate the merits of risk assessment & safety inspections.

For more information on the safety training course please call us on 01282 615 517.

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What tests will I undertake?
Lecture – there are no Theory or Practical tests

What will I need to bring on this course?

Do I need any previous experience?

Will I receive a certificate?
Yes, a certificate in the safe work at heights training will be issued. This will last for 3 years.

How long does the course last?
With this being a half day course (4 Hours), we can carry out 2 sessions in 1 day to cater for larger groups. Alternatively, we can pair this course with another ½ day course like Ladders & Steps, Manual Handling, Harnesses & Lanyards or Abrasive Wheels.

How many delegates can be trained in 1 session?
Maximum of 12 delegates

Where can Browns Ladders carry out the Training?
We can provide training either at our approved training centre or at your location to suit your needs. We guarantee your operatives will receive the highest level of training in Working at Height.


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