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Zarges Euroboxes

The Zarges EUROBOX aluminium cases are the best solution for packing, storage & transportation. With cleverly thought-out system accessories.

Quality from the market leader - Advantages that speak in favour of Zarges! Taking the Eurobox as an example, the essential advantages offered by zarges in temr sof product design and quality are clearly evident.

2 durable lid straps - Sealed at the ends to prevent fraying. Will not tear out even under heavy loads. Attached with Special rivets (with oversized heads)

Drop Handles with return string (stainless steel) and plastic grip, ergonomic and heavy-duty.

All riveted joints with full solid rivets

Edge, base, lid profile frames made of solid profile sections, with joints fully welded, joined permanently through high-strength positive loacking and swaging.

Lid with formed seal alround. Protected against wear, overloading, squashing and permanent dormation. High elastically protective peripheral form seal in the lid.

Aluminium / stainless steel snap fastener / hook. Corrosion resisitant, can be secured with lead seals, plug or shackle thickness of 6mm, optional spring anti-opening feature.

Corner Beading for enhanced stability.

We have 9 different sizes of the Zarges Eurobox available.

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