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3 key questions to ask yourself about buying new ladders for 2021

Why its better to buy ladder equipment than hire

The festive and New Year period is naturally a time when most of us start taking stock, re-evaluating, and thinking about how we can progress in the year ahead. And while you’re feeling reflective, that makes it a great time to think about the ladders and access equipment for your business, so you can think about not just whether you need to make any new purchases, but also decide exactly what you have to buy. That’s where we can help – we’ve got a huge range of equipment for you to buy here at Browns Ladders. Before you commit to making a purchase though, it’s first a good idea to ask yourself…

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Introducing the new Youngman PAXTower!


The brand new Youngman PAXTower is the latest addition to our range of scaffold towers here at Browns Ladders. It’s designed to provide merchants and end users with an easy, all-encompassing solution for access towers. The PAXTower is available in two methods, and it boasts a couple of interesting new features to make life easier, quicker and safer for users – all fully compliant with the relevant safety regulations, of course. So, here’s a bit about what you can expect. 

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Our top 3 suggestions for the best painters ladders


When you’re painting a room, you need some very specific access equipment to help you do the job. Here at Browns we tend to recommend stepladders, as they give maximum stability and comfort to help you stand there for long periods. 

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Falls from height remain biggest cause of fatal workplace injuries

screws dirt and materials quick checks before using your ladders feature image

This summer, the Health and Safety Executive released its annual statistics for fatal injuries sustained in British workplaces. Their latest report shows a number of key findings, with one of the most notable being a reduction in overall workplace fatalities (111 in 2019/20, down from 147 in 2018/19). In the accompanying report, the HSE does take care to note that this reduction may well be linked to the widespread lockdown measures imposed in March as the government sought to limit the spread of Covid-19. 

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5 of the best Zarges ladders for sale online

Ease And Safety: How To Choose The Right Ladder For The Job

For July only, we’ve got a special offer for you when you buy a Zarges ladder – just use the code ZARGES5 at the checkout, and you can get 5% off the price of your purchase! This offer is only available for a few more weeks though, so don’t wait too long to take advantage of it… Spoiled for choice? We’ve got no shortage of Zarges ladders for you to choose from right here at Browns, many of which have been designed to excel for particular tasks or environments. Here, we’ve rounded up five of our biggest sellers, along with a few details on exactly what makes them so popular!

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5 tips to help you stay safe with garden DIY

on garden ladder

We’ve all been spending more time at home recently, due to the national UK lockdown. Now that we’re well into June, lockdown measures are now finally lifting, and we’re pleased to announce that our own shops have now reopened here at Brown Ladders. But while we might now have more freedom to leave our homes, the warmer temperatures and (mostly) lovely weather means that more and more people are still tackling outdoor tasks in their back garden. Therefore, we decided it’s probably worth quickly recapping some valuable safety tips that it’s good to keep in mind, to help you use your garden ladders and other ladders safely. 

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Quick DIY jobs you can do to pass the time at home

4 diy jobs you can do to kickstart the new year feature image

We’ve mentioned before about the studies that have shown there are certain DIY jobs that Britons don’t trust themselves to do – jobs that they’d generally prefer tradespeople to do rather than risk themselves. If you’ve ever found yourself stuck at home for more than a few days at a time, sooner or later you may well have found your attention turning to DIY. If that applies to you, happily are plenty of tasks you can do to keep yourself occupied – as long as you’ve got the proper ladders and equipment, of course!

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There’s still time to trim your trees before Spring!

Maintenance is a really important part of keeping any sort of tree near a public building. Unless trees are given regular attention, they’re liable to become overgrown, with diseased or overlong branches potentially posing a hazard to those living, working or simply travelling nearby. Diseased branches should be removed and if a tree grows too close to your house or power lines, it definitely needs trimming or even removing. Here, we’ve gone into some of the most important things to remember when trimming trees – and don’t forget to use garden ladders to do the job!

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4 easy DIY projects you can complete before spring!

spring cleaning with ladders cleaning gutters and windows feature image

Are you ready for spring? We’ve already started to see a bit of sunshine recently! One way you can get ahead of your spring cleaning is to get started on a few easy projects now. 

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The best ladders to complete every job in 2020!

innovations in ladder design that make our lives easier feature image

Need a new ladder? Then we’ve got you covered! We have a large selection of ladders for every type of household job, including painting or decorating work, electrical, gardening and landscaping, and even other outdoor projects.

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