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Spring Clean Jobs – How To Clean Your Conservatory

cleaning a conservatory

Now that we’re well into the spring, it’s likely that you’ll want your conservatory looking at its very best so that you can get the maximum usage and enjoyment out of it in the renewed sunshine. Just like any part of your house, this is going to involve putting an afternoon aside if you want to have the job well done – but trust us, it’s well worth it in the long run!

What you’ll need:

  • Hot water and a cleaning agent
  • A squeegee or telescopic brush
  • A good quality micro-fibre cloth
  • A sturdy ladder or stepladder (depending on the height of your conservatory)
  • A garden hose or pressure watcher

It will probably help you to break the cleaning process down to several stages, so that’s how we’ve done it below. So then – shall we get started?

Getting The Exterior Looking Spotless

cleaning outside conservatory

It’s always simpler to start with the outside first – that way, you get a better idea of whether any remaining smudges are on the inside or the outside of the conservatory. Apart from keeping your strokes even, there’s no real science to it; get your squeegee and bucket, and get cracking. A final wipe down with your micro-fibre cloth will ensure there aren’t any of those annoying white streaks on the outside. With the inside it’s much the same job, although this time you’ll find a simple damp cloth and washing up liquid will generally do the trick.

Take Care Of The Framework

This part can be easy to get wrong, so pay attention to what you’re using and how hard you’re using it. For UPVC conservatories, you’ll find that the framework can be cleaned with a simple solution of warm soapy water. Be careful not to use abrasive chemicals, or scrub too hard. This goes for wooden frames too, which can be brushed clean or sponged down. Then, once the wood is dry, treat it will oil to bring out the grain and give it some well-earned protection at the same time.

Clean The Guttering

cleaning the guttering

For the next box to tick, you’ll just want to remove any plant material, dead leaves, twigs and other debris from your gutters and drainpipes. We’ve actually covered some handy related tips in our recent blog about what ladder height you need for cleaning your guttering, so feel free to take some cues from there! Above all else, remember there’s no time limit. Take things slow, make sure your ladder is properly secure and stable, and keep three points of contact with the ladder.

Finish Up By Cleaning The Conservatory Roof

Now comes (arguably) the hard part. Conservatory roofs aren’t designed to be load bearing, so don’t put your full weight on it at any stage. That means standing, walking or crawling across them can be extremely dangerous – it’s best to stay on the ladder as best you can. The safest way to clean a conservatory roof is by using your squeegee or telescopic brush, applying the soapy water or cleaning solution evenly across the surface.

browns ladders for cleaning conservatory

You’ll be relying on your ladder heavily to get the job done properly, so it’s important to choose the right one for the job. We’ve got plenty options to choose from here at Browns Ladders – for smaller conservatories you might want to consider a stepladder like our Werner Industrial Aluminium Platform Steps, or alternatively even a combination ladder like our Zarges 3-Part Eurostar Combination Ladder.

Once that’s done, you can rinse it off using a gentle setting on your garden hose. Some people prefer to use their pressure washers, but be careful – the sheer power of the jet means you run the risk of smashing your windows, which would be a shame when you’ve just finished cleaning them! The garden hose is by far the better option. Once you’re all done, stand back and admire your handiwork!

How To Stay Safe When Undertaking Roofing Work

man working on roof using ladder

One of the most important rules to bear in mind when looking at doing roofing work is that it is fundamentally not a job for amateurs. Even if it’s something as simple as adjusting a TV aerial, we’d still definitely recommend hiring a professional roofer, or another tradesman experienced in Work At Height regulations. A fall of just a few feet from the roof of a bungalow can have serious implications for your safety, and you should certainly never undertake work on a steep pitched roof without proper training. Trust us – when it comes to safety, we know what we’re talking about!

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cleaning guttering

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investing in quality ladders

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With Christmas on the horizon, you might already be thinking about how to add a bit of festivity to your home. And depending on your passion and budget, hanging your decorations might be a simple task for a single afternoon, or it might take several days and a whole lot of planning. Either way, you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve got ladders for every eventuality here at Browns Ladders, whether it’s just some tinsel in your living room or elaborate light displays on your exterior walls. So which ladder is best for you?

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