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5 quick jobs to prepare your home for winter

quick autumn jobs to get your home ready for the winter feature image

Winter is coming! In terms of cold this autumn has actually been quite mild, though it has been filled with rain almost non-stop. Due to this it’s possible you may not have gotten around to preparing your house for winter.

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How to protect your ladders from theft

ladder on roof

Whether you’re a contractor or a trade business owner it’s a popular time of year for tools, ladders, and other valuable trade items to go missing. Recently, there’s been quite a few reports of ladders being stolen from vans hitting the local papers. 

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Tips for better work-life balance as a tradesman

Being a tradesman can be a lot of work including things like sorting admin, scheduling deliveries, making sure your crew shows up on time, to providing a high-quality service time and again. But, few talk about how tradesman can improve their work-life balance to increase happiness levels and job satisfaction. 

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Are you properly equipped for cleaning the gutters?

person with gloves cleaning gutter

Autumn is officially here and as the trees start to change colours, paired with the weather cooling down many DIYers will slowly start moving projects indoors.

Normally we’ve got to wait for a while, to know if our roof has any cracks, leaks, or faulty guttering – but, over the last few weeks with the sporadic downpours, it’s likely you may have been alerted to a gutter related problem recently. 

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4 top tips on working safely while trimming your garden’s trees

on garden ladder

With heavy rain on the way, it’s safe to say we’re finally coming to the end of summer! However, there’s still just a bit of time left to get some final tasks done for the onset of winter. If you haven’t got around to trimming your garden’s trees or hedges, now is a good time to get it done! However, if you want to get the job done safely and efficiently, it’s important to know these key tips. We’ve summed them up below!

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How to choose the best ladder for your garden project

ladder in garden with hedge

Summer is a busy time of year for keen DIYers and professional tradesmen alike to get those outside projects complete before the bad weather returns. Jobs like pruning the hedges, trimming trees, changing outdoor lightbulbs, cleaning the gutters, or washing the windows all, have one thing in common… a ladder! For many, it’s an essential piece of summer safety equipment.

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A quick guide to the changes in UK ladder standards

cleaning the guttering

Since January 2018, new legislation has been gradually implemented in the UK which changes the way in which UK ladders are classified. These new standards were originally introduced to Britain at the start of 2018, but have been implemented amongst manufacturers since 2019 after an initial 12-month grace period. Now that this new legislation have become more widespread, we thought it worth giving you a quick rundown of what the changes entail.

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The top tips to remember for some of the most common spring-cleaning jobs

DIY ladder safety tips for spring

When you’re heading out to perform some spring-cleaning jobs (whether in a personal or professional capacity), efficiency is often going to be a key concern, as well as having the right ladder for the job. If you’re a homeowner, you don’t necessarily want to be spending all your evenings and weekends on the same task, whereas if you’re working on them in a professional capacity… well, time is money! To help save you some of both, we’ve summed up some of our most helpful spring cleaning tips right here.

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Which DIY tasks do Britons leave to the professionals?

4 diy jobs you can do to kickstart the new year feature image

There’s no denying that lots of us here in the UK love a good DIY challenge. There’s a certain satisfaction to be had in being the one to solve a problem, and solve it alone. At the same time though, recent trends appear to show that British people are more confident tackling certain tasks more than others. It’s these latter jobs which often require the skills of professionals like electricians, plumbers, painters, decorators and more.

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What essential equipment do you need as a window cleaner?

window cleaning

To be a window cleaner, you have a few pieces of essential equipment necessary to do your job. It’s always true that for any type of business, some tools will be required. Thankfully, the number of items needed as window cleaner isn’t going to break the bank.

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