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Vital ways to stay safe when moving boxes to and from your loft

folding wood ladder

The festive season is in full swing, which means it’s likely that you’ve already moved your decorations down from the loft, and they’re already pinned up in all their spectacular festive glory. However, in addition to storing Christmas decorations, many people use their lofts around this time of year to act as a valuable holding area for some of the bigger presents you don’t want other family members to discover. And with the big day drawing ever closer, you may already be thinking about how to move those down. Big presents notwithstanding, in a few weeks you’ll be moving the Christmas decorations straight back up there again, so it’s worth taking these key steps to ensure that ensuring the bare minimum of basic safety with your loft ladder.

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Job Vacancy: Ladder Inspector

Browns Ladders is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Access Equipment, from Ladders & Steps, to Work Platforms & Scaffolding.

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4 useful advantages of scaffold towers over permanent scaffolding

browns scaffold tower

For certain jobs, a traditional ladder just won’t cut it – no matter if it’s made of aluminium, timber or fibreglass. Most often, these types of jobs are in the realm of rendering, plastering, window fitting and heavy duty construction like bricklaying and roofing. However, erecting permanent scaffolding – the type often seen on building sites – is equally too involved and time consuming. These are the situations in which mobile scaffold towers tend to truly excel. In this week’s post, we’re looking at just four reasons why!

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Get a grip on ladder safety this season

ladder fall

Safety is an ongoing issue when it comes to the use of ladders, and this autumn, its importance is being highlighted by a new safety campaign run by the Ladder Association. Launched under the rather direct title of Get A Grip, the campaign aims to urge ladder users – and those responsible for them – to take a fresh approach to ladder training.

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Quick considerations when choosing which loft ladder to buy

loft ladder

Now that the summer heatwave is fading and we’re moving into autumn, lots of people are looking at how to use their lofts ready for Christmas. After all, your loft is the perfect storage solution to keep any bought presents out of view, and that’s not to mention the hassle of taking down Christmas trees and decorations.

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How to choose the best ladders for window cleaners

window cleaning

As with many other jobs, there’s no ‘one height fits-all’ solution when it comes to ladders. It depends on the height of the window you’re cleaning in question, and often whether you’re a homeowner doing a general household task, or a professional window cleaner looking for a more hard-wearing ladder for commercial tasks.

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Top tips from the experts on how to do a summer clear-out of your loft

attic feature image

Typically, most people choose spring as the best time for clearing out their loft. But increasingly, more people are choosing summer to have a good clear-out, too. We can see why – there’s something about the bright sunshine that leaves people more energised for the bigger household jobs! Of course, a decent quality loft ladder should be the very top of your list before you start to make the ascent. Once you’ve got that sorted, here are our other top tips for making sure that attic’s clear this summer.

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How to carry out a health check of your roof

roof check

Homeowners are using this particularly hot summer as a brilliant opportunity to carry out a health check of their roof. In many ways, it’s perfect – it’s bright, clear and dry, which mitigates a number of safety concerns normally associated with winter. This doesn’t mean it’s completely without risk, though, so in this post we’re going to be taking you through the main stages, step-by-step.

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Avoid this big mistake most people make with garden ladders

on garden ladder

This summer is officially the hottest Britain has experienced in the past five years. It’s no wonder, then, that so many of us are getting out into our gardens, pruning and shearing and trimming atop our garden ladders. As always, though, it’s important to do so in maximum safety. You might be surprised at just how many people simply ignore whether or not the ground is completely even. As long as you’re only working on the ladder for a short time, it’ll all be fine, right? Think again!

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Top innovations to improve safety on our ladders

happy ladder man

The invention of the ladder is thousands of years old. These days, with so many leading manufacturers of access equipment like Werner and Zarges, it’s fair to say that the ladder has come a long way since then! Here are just some of the innovations to hit the ladder market in recent years, all designed first and foremost to improve your safety.

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