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Top tips from the experts on how to do a summer clear-out of your loft

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Typically, most people choose spring as the best time for clearing out their loft. But increasingly, more people are choosing summer to have a good clear-out, too. We can see why – there’s something about the bright sunshine that leaves people more energised for the bigger household jobs! Of course, a decent quality loft ladder should be the very top of your list before you start to make the ascent. Once you’ve got that sorted, here are our other top tips for making sure that attic’s clear this summer.

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How to carry out a health check of your roof

roof check

Homeowners are using this particularly hot summer as a brilliant opportunity to carry out a health check of their roof. In many ways, it’s perfect – it’s bright, clear and dry, which mitigates a number of safety concerns normally associated with winter. This doesn’t mean it’s completely without risk, though, so in this post we’re going to be taking you through the main stages, step-by-step.

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Avoid this big mistake most people make with garden ladders

on garden ladder

This summer is officially the hottest Britain has experienced in the past five years. It’s no wonder, then, that so many of us are getting out into our gardens, pruning and shearing and trimming atop our garden ladders. As always, though, it’s important to do so in maximum safety. You might be surprised at just how many people simply ignore whether or not the ground is completely even. As long as you’re only working on the ladder for a short time, it’ll all be fine, right? Think again!

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Top innovations to improve safety on our ladders

happy ladder man

The invention of the ladder is thousands of years old. These days, with so many leading manufacturers of access equipment like Werner and Zarges, it’s fair to say that the ladder has come a long way since then! Here are just some of the innovations to hit the ladder market in recent years, all designed first and foremost to improve your safety.

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The top 3 garden ladders to help you tackle your garden this summer

Who doesn’t love a bit of sunny weather? We’ve been lucky enough to be able to enjoy a whole lot of it here in the Britain during the last few weeks or so, which means it’s only natural for you to think about tackling a couple of those garden jobs. We talk all the time about the importance of having the right ladders for the job, and there’s no question that garden ladders see their heaviest use in the summer months. Here at Browns Ladders, we’ve got a pretty extensive range ourselves, so to save you a bit of time we’ve rounded up our three favourites, which should give you somewhere to start! So, in no particular order…

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Buyer’s Guide – 5 key questions to ask before you buy a ladder

roofing ladder leaning against roof

A ladder is something you’ll trust your life to, so it’s important to make sure that you choose the right one for your needs. And whatever the job or role you have in mind, there are always a few key questions that you’ll want to ask yourself before you commit to a purchase. We’ve summed them up below in this ladder buyer’s guide, as well as a short explanation of why it’s important for you to ask them!

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Make sure you’re transporting your ladder safely!

ladder on roof

If you’re a professional tradesperson, transporting your ladder safely is arguably just as vital a skill as safely using it. Ladders that aren’t properly secured run the risk of suffering damage in transit, which could affect their integrity and safety to use. That’s not even to mention the risk they might pose to other road users, should they rattle about or even slip off the vehicle entirely when it’s on the road.

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Our Top Picks Of The Best Ladders For Electricians

electrician on ladder

We supply to a broad range of sectors here at Browns Ladders, including both private and trade customers. Electricians are just one of the many specific types of professionals we cater to – and in fact, you don’t have to search too hard amongst our stock before you discover plenty of ladders for electricians! Here are just a few of our top favourites.

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Spring Clean Jobs – How To Clean Your Conservatory

cleaning a conservatory

Now that we’re well into the spring, it’s likely that you’ll want your conservatory looking at its very best so that you can get the maximum usage and enjoyment out of it in the renewed sunshine. Just like any part of your house, this is going to involve putting an afternoon aside if you want to have the job well done – but trust us, it’s well worth it in the long run!

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How To Stay Safe When Undertaking Roofing Work

man working on roof using ladder

One of the most important rules to bear in mind when looking at doing roofing work is that it is fundamentally not a job for amateurs. Even if it’s something as simple as adjusting a TV aerial, we’d still definitely recommend hiring a professional roofer, or another tradesman experienced in Work At Height regulations. A fall of just a few feet from the roof of a bungalow can have serious implications for your safety, and you should certainly never undertake work on a steep pitched roof without proper training. Trust us – when it comes to safety, we know what we’re talking about!

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