At Browns Ladders, we know just how important it is to use the right ladder for your trade. The right ladder ensures ease of use, promises ultimate safety and makes working from a height a little more comfortable too. Our specialist steps and ladders are designed for all those that work in specialist trades. From window cleaning to ladders just for surveyors, we’ve got a range of specialist steps covered in today’s blog.

Specialist Shelf ladders

If you work in a warehouse and are regularly accessing shelving units, a shelf ladder is an ideal investment. Ideal for safe and easy access to shelving at all levels, as well as cupboards or shelves in offices, schools, or libraries; this specialist ladder has a multitude of uses.

Chase Aluminium Shelf Ladder

Specialist Chase Aluminium Shelf ladders

The Chase Shelf Ladder is available in eight different sizes with top tread heights ranging from 1.47m to 3.18m. Made from lightweight aluminium, these ladders are ideal for frequent use and also come with non-slip rubber feet.

Special Window Cleaning Ladders

With falls from a height being one of the main risks for workers in the window cleaning trade, using the right kit is incredibly important. Window cleaning ladders have been designed specifically for the job and promote safety and ensure good access.

Single Section Aluminium Window Cleaners Ladder

Specialist Single Section Aluminium Window Cleaners Ladder

Chase Manufacturing’s single section ladder has being designed to make window cleaning safe and easy. The ladder has serrated round rungs and has rubber feet fitted at the top and bottom for optimum safety.

Specialist Ladders For Vehicle Access

According to the HSE, falls from vehicles are one of the most common vehicle-related accidents. Using a proper access solution, such as a vehicle access ladders, provides a solution to all those problems commonly associated with vehicle access.

Chase Vehicle Access Ladders

Chase Vehicle Access Ladders

The Chase Vehicle Access Ladders feature all those safety elements to minimise the risks at work. The ladders clamp on to your vehicle, feature deep treads, and can be easily stored away too.

Specialist Telecoms ladders

Telecoms engineers have to tackle some serious heights and commonly work around electrical hazards too. With this in mind, a regular stepladder or leaning ladder just won’t do.

Lyte Fibre Glass Telecoms Ladder

Lyte Fibre Glass Telecoms Ladder

Manufactured from fibreglass material, this telecoms ladder ensures safety when working on telegraph poles and street lamps. It provides protection against electrical hazards and is suitable for demanding and extreme industrial environments.

Surveyor’s Specialist ladders

A specialist surveyor’s ladder is essential for every company in the building trade. Used for inspections day-to-day, surveyor’s ladders need to be durable, portable, as well as safe.

Lyte Surveyor’s Sectional Ladder

Lyte Surveyor’s Sectional Ladder

The Lyte Surveyor’s Ladder is available in five sizes, all of which can slide down and lock into place to fit into a car boot.

Looking for an everyday product suitable for all trades? While not suited to any specialist jobs, our Zarges Industrial Aluminium Platform Step is an all round winner. Ideal for access and all those odd jobs, this high-strength ladder is sure to be a useful addition to your workplace.

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