Are you ready for spring? We’ve already started to see a bit of sunshine recently! One way you can get ahead of your spring cleaning is to get started on a few easy projects now.

For DIYers and skilled professionals, one of the busiest times of year is coming up — spring! Here’s a few quick, easy jobs you can tick off your list in a weekend.

Deep clean your flooring

You can deep clean your flooring easily during the last few weeks of winter.

If you have wood floors the best way to clean them is with vinegar mixed with  warm water. Make sure to remove water quickly to prevent removing the finish or causing warping and discolouration. You can use this solution on wood laminates as well!


You can deep clean your carpets by first giving them a good vacuum once or twice. From there you can deep clean your carpets by, renting a professional grade carpet machine, using vinegar and water solution and blotting the carpet, or by purchasing a vacuuming powder to sprinkle on your carpet to then vacuum up.

De-clutter your space

De-cluttering is one project you can tackle, even during inclement weather.You don’t need to wait until spring to do this, (in fact your spring may be more fun if this project is done and dusted).

Here’s a trick that lots of professional organisers swear by - you can easily de-clutter your space by having a few distinct piles like “keep”, “donate”, or “bin”. You can then ask yourself while holding each item “do I need this?”, “do I love this?” and if you don’t have a solid answer for either — bin it (or donate it if it’s a gently used item like clothing, shoes, or furniture).

You may even want to consider trying out the Marie Kondo method of tidying up! Start by tidying a category, not location. Using this method you’ll want to start with clothes, books, paper, miscellaneous, and then sentimental items. Ask yourself if the item sparks joy — if it doesn’t get rid of it (either by donating or putting in the bin).

Organise your shed

While we’re on the subject of organising and decluttering, you may find that now is a perfect time to start preparing your shed for spring planting. If you are an avid gardener or simply have a few shrubs to trim — taking a bit of time to clear and organise your shed can make future projects even easier!

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Plus, if your shed needs repairs, or it’s leaking in places, it’s best to find out now before more rain comes in the spring. This way you can repair it and have everything in an easy to reach place when you are ready to move onto other projects.

Check the seals around windows and doors

Draughts can make the temperature of your home drop by as much as several degrees — ultimately costing you money hundreds (if not more) every year in additional heating. A quick and easy project to do is to check for any gaps around all of your doors and windows. You may need a step-ladder to get the job done safely, depending on the height and style of your home.

We’ve got a range of safe, easy to use and store, step ladders, that will be suitable for all of your needs.

Once you’ve inspected the interior and exterior of your home, you’ll want to repair and clean any damaged areas you find. And if you need a new tall ladder to complete the inspection of your home we’ve got you covered with our excellent selection of extension ladders!

And if you need a new ladder to complete any of these projects we have a wide range of options for you! We carry a large selection of ladders including step ladders and extension ladders to meet your commercial and DIY needs.

Do you have any questions or need any advice on buying a new ladder? Feel free to give us a call, we’re always happy to help 01282 615517.