For certain jobs, a traditional ladder just won’t cut it - no matter if it’s made of aluminium, timber or fibreglass. Most often, these types of jobs are in the realm of rendering, plastering, window fitting and heavy duty construction like bricklaying and roofing. However, erecting permanent scaffolding - the type often seen on building sites - is equally too involved and time consuming. These are the situations in which mobile scaffold towers tend to truly excel. In this week’s post, we’re looking at just four reasons why!

1. They’re quickly and easily assembled

Scaffold towers are generally a one-person construction, which means that even for sole traders and commercial tradesmen, they’re a viable alternative to lighter forms to access equipment (like ladders, for example!). Even the largest towers - those that go beyond 30 feet - can generally be assembled by a single operator in just a matter of hours. Unlike building more permanent scaffolding, there’s no specialist training required, and they include comprehensive sets of instructions to minimise the time and effort required to put them together, without compromising on safety.

2. They’re highly versatile

There are plenty of jobs that require more stability - or an extra working surface - than a normal ladder would be able to provide, but aren’t suitable for more permanent scaffolding fixtures. For these sorts of jobs, mobile scaffolding towers strike a helpful middle ground, being quick and easy to set up while providing a more robust working surface. Many are also suitable for being set up on very uneven ground, which is always a useful bonus if you’ve been unable to conduct a site visit beforehand, and you’re not sure of what condition the ground will be in.

browns zarges reachmaster tower

3. They’re lightweight and easily transportable

Scaffold towers are famously lightweight, and their lack of galvanised steel poles means they’re capable of being transported by even modest-sized commercial vehicles. This allows their owner to be far more flexible in his ability to respond to jobs. Where traditional ladders might be unsuitable for the job but permanent scaffolding would take too long to set up, scaffold towers are ideal for those urgent same-day fixes.

4. They’re highly durable thanks to non-corrosive materials

Many mobile scaffolding towers rely heavily on aluminium components, a non-ferrous metal which is non-corrosive and thus highly durable. This generally makes them a solid investment for commercial tradesmen, with a significantly long operational lifespan before requiring replacement. (Obviously, exactly how long will depend on how frequently and intensively they’re used!) However, provided they’re carefully maintained and frequently inspected by a qualified professional, you can reasonably rely on the average mobile scaffold tower to provide several long years of service before it’s no longer safe to use.

Here at Browns Ladders, we offer several market-leading standards of mobile scaffolding towers as a core part of our product offering. We stock products from nationally renowned brands such as Zarges, Lyte and Youngman, so whatever the exact nature of your business you’re sure to find something that suits your requirements. If you need a bit of help, we’re only a phone call away! Just give us a call on 01282 615517, and one of our friendly access equipment experts will be only too happy to help.