Commercial buildings, just like homes, need a good, solid roof to keep the weather out. This will ensure it enjoys a good life expectancy and you don’t get stuck with any catastrophic repair bills. But as well as making sure you do the job regularly, it’s also important to make sure you do the job right. Here are five of the most common mistakes we often see people making when it comes to their roofs.

Not sticking to a firm maintenance schedule

Maintenance is essential. Ideally, perform a visual check of the roof at least once a year, preferably before winter comes. Stand on the ground and see if you can spot any issues, such as loose tiles, cracked lead flashing, or a deteriorating surface on a flat roof. If you do see any issues, take a closer look, but make sure you pay more than lip service to health and safety. Use a safe and secure ladder, and if you need a new one, you can always find one right here on our site!

As we’ve covered on a recent post, always call in a professional roofing contractor to carry out remedial work. It is better to tackle small repairs in an expeditious manner than to wait for a full-blown disaster to strike in the middle of a raging storm.

Snow and ice

Snow and ice are not a major problem in the UK, as we are more likely to have rain than snow. However, it is wise to clear any snow and ice before it causes too much damage.

Snow is much heavier than rain. Large accumulations of snow can cause a ponding effect on a flat roof. This puts a lot of stress on the underlying roof structure. Snow and ice may also cause drainage issues. If drains are blocked by ice, the snow-melt can’t dissipate and you may end up with a leak.

Choosing the wrong roofing system

Take professional advice if your roof needs significant repairs or is ready to be replaced. Most flat roofs are not designed to last for decades and must be replaced when they show signs of wear and tear.

Be wary of cheap contractors offering to do a discount job. The roof is all that stands between the weather and your business and its contents. Choosing an unsuitable roofing system or one that is sub-par quality can only end in tears.

The same advice applies to roof materials. Only use good quality membrane and insulation. Anything less is likely to be a poor investment.

Old roof insulation

Insulation is a vital part of any roofing system, but it doesn’t last indefinitely. In most cases, insulation needs replacing every four years or so. Check the state of your roof insulation every year and replace it if necessary.

Don’t walk on the roof

Even if the roof can withstand food traffic, keep it to a minimum, especially during the winter months. Too much foot traffic causes a lot of unnecessary wear and tear and should be avoided. Remember, if you don’t look after your roof, it won’t look after you!

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