For July only, we’ve got a special offer for you when you buy a Zarges ladder - just use the code ZARGES5 at the checkout, and you can get 5% off the price of your purchase! This offer is only available for a few more weeks though, so don’t wait too long to take advantage of it… Spoiled for choice? We’ve got no shortage of Zarges ladders for you to choose from right here at Browns, many of which have been designed to excel for particular tasks or environments. Here, we’ve rounded up five of our biggest sellers, along with a few details on exactly what makes them so popular!

Zarges Skymaster X Combination Ladder

Combination ladders are famed for their versatility, and Zarges makes an outstanding entry into what’s already a highly competitive field. The Zarges Skymaster X is a rigid ladder notable for its strong connection between rungs and styles, and can be used as a double stepladder, a conventional 2 or 3 section ladder, or even used on staircases. It adapts seamlessly to each role with only minor adjustments required, and the upper section can even be removed to serve as a separate ladder. It’s been tested to the newest EN 131 Professional standard, a European Union Certification for portable steps and ladders which superseded the previous domestic Class 3 and Class 1 standards, which were only used within the UK. Under EN 131, ladders are now subject to even more rigorous testing, so you can trust the Zarges Skymaster with your safety. The Zarges Skymaster X is available in a range of seven different sizes, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to deciding which one is best for your purposes.

Zarges Skymaster

Zarges 100599 2.9M Telescopic Ladder

Telescopic ladders are another type of ladder noted for the convenience they provide, and the Zarges 2.9m telescopic ladder is popular for its many extra safety features, too. Its ‘soft close’ retraction system safely lowers the ladder when retracting, further the potential for any accidents or injury. It also features rung-by-rung height adjustment, so that you can extend each rung individually. (Essentially, this means that you don’t have to extend the ladder fully in order to be able to use it.) The tread locks automatically during extension for maximum safety and stability. Like the vast majority of telescopic ladders, the Zarges 2.9m ladder is compact and easy to transport, and able to support up to 150kg of weight - making it the ladder of choice for professionals across a wide range of industries. A two year warranty also provides extra peace of mind.

Zarges 100599

Zarges Z600 ZAP Masterstep

The Zarges Z600 ZAP Masterstep is aptly named - it distinguishes itself a step above many other step ladders with its high degree of stability, and broad range of utility. You can rest assured of a safe ascent and descent due to its non slip treads and handrail, and many tradespeople find it exceptionally handy due to its compact transport dimensions and storage tray for tools and other small parts. Like the other Zarges ladders on this list, it’s been tested to the EN 131 Professional standard. Available in a range of 8 possible sizes, each with its own 12 month warranty, it’s a robust, adaptable piece of equipment you can always rely on.

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Zarges Z600 Double Sided Mobile Work Platform

With its spacious platform and loading capacity of 150kg, this sturdy work platform sees heavy use in the industrial sector. The Zarges Z600 Double Sided mobile work platform also features a double sided handrail, which helps to provide maximum flexibility while ascending and descending. Its connectors are made from aluminium extrusions, which allow for quick and easy assembly. That means it can be ready and mobile in next to no time, gliding across the floor on four sprung swivel castors (two of which have brakes, so you can maintain the platform’s stability.) The Zarges work platform comes in a choice of six sizes, all of which conform to the European standard DIN EN 131-7.

Zarges Z600 double

Zarges ZAP Telescopic Work Platform

The Zarges ZAP Telescopic Work Platform neatly bridges the gap between mobile work platforms and telescopic ladders, combining many of the best benefits about the two. It provides a large and comfortable platform, allowing users to spend longer periods working at height before needing to take a break. It combines this with the compact transport dimensions and convenient storage properties of telescopic ladder. It boasts a high-strength connection between rungs and styles, and offers additional stability through its two swing-out stabiliser legs and horizontal braces. What’s more, it’s very easy to erect and has been designed to be easy to operate, comforting to EN 131 specifications. The Zarges ZAP comes in three available sizes, allowing you a great range of choice in picking the best one to suit your purposes.

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Though these are amongst our list of top sellers, they’re also far from the only Zarges ladders we have for sale on our website! We have well over 100 to choose from - you can take a closer look at the full range of Zarges ladders here, or simply by asking one of our friendly experts for advice. You can give us a call on 01282 615517 - we’re always happy to help! Don’t forget, you’ve only got until the end of July 2020 to take advantage of our 5% off offer!