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Access solutions for factories, stock rooms and warehouses


Browns ladders blog perfect access solutions for factories, stock rooms and warehouses

Having the right access equipment, such as warehouse ladders, for those day-to-day jobs in factories, warehouses and stockrooms not only makes work easier, it can also help save lives too. Overreaching to access stock shelves or warehouse items, along with slips and falls from inadequate access equipment are just a couple of risks that can occur if you fail to use proper access solutions. In today’s blog we’re going to take a look at exactly what equipment you should be using in the warehouse, stock room and factory and where you can find it.

In 2009/10 – 2013/14 one of the most common causes of fatal injury to logistic employees was falls from a height. A huge number of these fatal injuries were in the land transport and warehousing sector – where the proportion of falls accounted for a much higher proportion of injuries than in many other sectors.

Warehouse ladders

browns ladders blog warehouse steps

Use of proper equipment, such as warehouse ladders, help to keep employees safe and minimise the risk of such accidents. Designed with top quality material and robust construction, warehouse ladders help workers reach the necessary heights safely and support long hours of use. Many other types of ladders are designed for just short periods of use – and definitely shouldn’t be used in place of a warehouse ladder in factories, stock rooms and warehouses. Other features that make the warehouse different from other working environments include the risks from wet or slippery surfaces, and the requirement of moving around often while working.

Warehouse ladders are designed to work with all these potential problems – offering sturdy, non-slip materials and maneuverability. 

Our top recommendation:

Lyte Aluminum Warehouse Steps

Height: 1320mm – 3990mm

Uses: Warehouses and factories

Cost: £136.24 inc VAT

Steel mobile safety steps

browns ladders blog safety steps

Steel mobile safety steps are another staple for the warehouse and perform a very similar role to warehouse steps. Which one you choose is dependent on the jobs you’ll be doing. You’ll need to consider the following elements before choosing the right access product:

  • Safety needs
  • Strength of product
  • Are handrails and exit gates required? – Mobile safety steps are often the better choice if this is the case
  • Tread type
  • Platform width
  • Choice of material

Our top recommendation:

Heavy Duty Mobile Safety Step

Height: 750mm – 4000 mm

Uses: Heavy industrial use

Cost: £383.64 inc VAT

Kick steps

browns ladders blog kick steps

While warehouse ladders are useful for jobs at a height, kick steps are your best option for work that involves reaching shorter heights – for example in retail stores and lower level shelving in stock rooms. Kick steps prevent over stretching and injury and are designed to be non-slip, keeping you safe and secure when you need to reach those extra heights.

Our top recommendation:

Kikalong Mobile Step Stool

Height: 395mm

Uses: Offices and storerooms

Cost: £41.21 inc VAT

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