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Access solutions for the handyman


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From painting and decorating, to clearing gutters and changing light fittings, the modern day handyman is seen as a jack-of-all-trades. While a handyman may have knowledge to tackle just about any job, the key to fixing a problem comes down to knowing the right products and access solutions to use. Lightweight, easy to erect access solutions are a necessity when it comes to home repairs – and today we’re going to be highlighting just a few that might come in useful…

More often than not, when a handyman takes on a client they have multiple tasks they need completing – from painting to changing light fittings. This means they need quick access to all kinds of work at different heights.

Solution one: Stepladders

Access solutions for handymen

Stepladders offer a wide range of uses and are suitable for a huge number of tasks at home. Providing that all-important height, stepladders offer a safe and sturdy working solution when working from a height.

Some of the step ladders you might like to consider are:

Solution two: Combination and multiway ladders

Access solutions for the handyman combination ladders

Combination and multiway ladders are another necessity for those working in a trickier environment – for example, on stairs. What’s more, many of these ladders can be used for multiple purposes, for example, as a double step ladder, staircase ladder, or conventional ladder – meaning you get several uses covered in one single product.

Some of the combination and multiway ladders you might like to consider are:

Solution three: Specialist ladders

When it comes to cleaning windows, or cleaning out gutters, you’ll need a more specialist ladder. You can find a range of ladders suitable for window cleaning here, while something like the Zarges Industrial Double Extension Ladder, which offers a maximum height of 9.42m, is a good option for cleaning out gutters.

Solution four: Low level platform

browns ladders low level work platforms-2

The final type of product ideal for the modern day handyman is the low level work platform. Ideal for just out of reach areas, a work platform provides a safe and sturdy working surface. It holds fewer risks than when working at a height from a ladder, and is preferable in lower height situations. It’s also far safer than hopping on to your toolbox or a chair, which does not provide a stable or sturdy surface!

Some of the work platforms you might like to consider are:

Great accessories for the handyman include Articulated Feet, and a Ladder Matt. Designed to reduce the risk of slipping on surfaces such as grass and tarmac, these products ensure extra grip and safe, sturdy working at a height.

To find out more about any of the products mentioned today, visit the product pages referenced above. You may also like to consider booking on to our Working at a Height safety training course to refresh your knowledge of safe working practices.

Have you used any of the access solutions mentioned in today’s blog? If so, why not leave a user review below, or on the product page. Alternatively you can tweet your review to us @BrownsLadders

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