Aluminium Tripod LaddersDid anyone catch Gardener’s World on BBC2 on Good Friday? It made one of our products famous, with our Aluminium Tripod Ladders being put to excellent use at the end of the episode.

With a long Easter weekend ahead to get to grips with timely gardening tasks, presenter Monty Don had plenty of ideas of what needed to be done in time for spring.

He ended the show by beginning the arduous task of pruning - every spring he trims hedges to help them keep their shape.

“It’s a long old job,” he said. “But I rather like it because it’s easy and it’s got a rhythm. And you just feel it’s one of those jobs that mark the entrance of spring.”

And what was he using for this long and vitally important task? Why the best tool he could use of course – a Browns ladder!

That’s right, our Aluminium Tripod Ladders have become famous – and rightly so. They are the best practical ladders for landscapers, tree surgeons and gardeners!

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The episode is well worth a watch! In addition to Monty Don getting the garden prepared for spring, Carol Klein made her way down to Cornwall in search of a garden full of beautiful spring colour.

And, if you're heading off to the garden centre, there's all you need to know about bedding plants from the 'living catalogue' of new and existing varieties at Ball Colegrave in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

You can catch the episode if you missed it on BBC iPlayer.

HedgesWhy and when to prune hedges

A well-maintained hedge gives a garden a beautiful boundary. Lack of care will result in the hedge losing its shape and giving unwanted shade. Pruning at scheduled intervals will keep it under control without too much effort.

Most evergreen hedges only need to be trimmed a couple of times a year. By contrast, conifer hedges must be pruned regularly or they will overgrow very quickly.

When to prune deciduous hedges depends on when they flower. Hedges like lavender, fuchsia, roses should be pruned in early to mid-spring, while forsythia, deutzia and berberis, need to be pruned after the blooms fade.

 A gardener’s best friend

Browns Ladders Aluminium Tripod Ladders offer the perfect solution for pruning hedges because of their triangular footprints. This means an easy working position and extra stability.

Designed especially for trimming hedges, topiary, bushes and trees, these garden ladders are perfect when working on lawns or uneven ground.

The 3rd leg, which can be planted into a hedge or sideways with one side of the base parallel to the hedge, is what gives it the perfect work position.

workware-aluminium-tripod-ladders-8ft-600x671More about Aluminium Tripod Ladders

The aluminium tripod ladder is available is no less than seven sizes, from 1.2m to 4.8m. Each ladder features a platform and handrail for added security.

-       Platform and handrail for added safety

-       High grade aluminium alloy construction

-       All welded structure

-       High strength and lightweight

-       Rust or corrode proof

-       3 legs for stability on uneven ground