With winter well and truly on the horizon, there’s not much of autumn left! The harsh weather of winter can cause quite a few problems for your home and garden if you’re unprepared, so we’ve outlined a few quick jobs it’s best to get done now, before it sets in properly. Trust us, you’ll be thankful that you have!

Tripod Ladders Can Help Keep Your Garden Looking Great (And Safe!)

henchman garden ladders

If you’re green fingered, you might be a little ahead of us already on this one, but it’s always a good idea to trim trees and hedges, removing weak or dead branches, while you can. Autumn is a fantastic time to do this, as it’s likely that the season will have done some of the work for you already. When you’re finished, you can step back and admire your work in the knowledge that when everything starts blooming again, it’ll look better than ever.

But besides being garden-proud, there’s another great reason to make sure all that foliage is trimmed; high winds and wet weather can be pretty destructive for trees and branches, and if there are any hanging over walkways or public paths, they could even pose a danger to people walking underneath. Take a good long look at them in daylight, and if there’s any that look like they might be unsound, they may well warrant treatment with the secateurs.

When doing these sorts of garden jobs, you’ll naturally want a sturdy, safe ladder underneath you. However, gardens don’t always have exactly level ground where you need them to, which is where our Henchman Platform Tripod Ladder comes in. Consistently highly rated for its quality and safety by our customers, you can adjust the legs to account for the terrain, resulting in a reliable working platform wherever you are. What’s more, its design allows you to tuck your knees in, increasing your stability.

A Roof Ladder Helps You Guarantee The Safety Of Your Home

roof ladder

One of the most common autumn jobs that many people find needs doing is to clean the drains. The sheer volume of fallen leaves in autumn means that they often end up in the drains and gullies, so it’s a good idea to check these to make sure that nothing’s restricting the water flow.

While you’re up there, it’s always wise to check for other defects like cracked render, gaps around windows, or broken guttering. If you spot any of these and don’t deal with them quickly, it’s possible you’ll witness the consequences while sitting in your own living room!

Finally, giving the condition of the roof and chimney a quick once-over is also highly recommended. Look at the condition of the tiles, and look for any cracks in the chimney or problems with the pointing. You don’t necessarily have to do the repairs yourself – indeed, it’s far wiser not to if you’re not qualified – but at least if you know about the issue, you can take other steps to deal with it, such as calling in a professional if necessary. A damaged chimney is especially dangerous; if the structural integrity fails, it can easily allow water to fall down into your home, or even collapse in strong enough winds.

For these sorts of jobs, we often find that our Lyte Aluminium Double Roof Ladder is enough to meet almost any need, whether for private or professional use. Primarily designed to meet trade requirements, it’s manufactured to take more wear and tear than domestic products, so you can be sure that it’s more than up to the job, with a heavy duty ridge hook that secures it firmly to the roof.

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