When choosing a ladder or steps, there are so many things to think about. How tall does it need to be? What features does it need to have? And what type of ladder is best suited to the job? As a buyer, you’ll also need to consider safety elements of your work too - and consequently whether an aluminium or fibreglass ladder would be best. While sales of fibreglass steps and ladders are typically lower than aluminium access products, fibreglass does have its benefits. In fact, there are some circumstances when only fibreglass will do…

Benefit #1- Fibreglass doesn’t conduct electricity

The main reason for choosing fibreglass ladders and step is because of the material’s non-conducive properties. As fibreglass does not conduct electricity, it’s the best choice for those working around power lines. While there are other non-conducive options available, like wood, fibreglass is stronger and weighs less – making it easier to lift, move and transport.

Benefit #2 - Fibreglass is strong and durable

As fibreglass is a manmade material, it’s a lot stronger than other access products made from natural materials like wood. This adds to the safety of fibreglass step ladders – ensuring the durability of the product while in use. One might argue that manmade aluminium is strong too – but aluminium ladders all feature different grades of aluminium and a cheaper ladder could bend under a heavy load.

Benefit #3 - Fibreglass is well suited to outdoor conditions

fibreglass ladders outdoors

Thanks to its strength and durability, manmade fibreglass can be used outside – even in wet weather or hot, dry conditions. Fibreglass doesn’t absorb moisture or weaken in the sun, making it an ideal choice for those working outdoors.

Shop our favourite fibreglass ladders and steps

Now you know all the benefits of fibreglass, why not find the perfect fibreglass ladder for you? All of our products are ideal for operatives working around electricity, such as electrical engineers and alarm installers.

For the best in fibreglass steps, we recommend:

Lyte Trade Fibre Glass Platform Steps, available from £76.55 inc. VAT

For a fibreglass ladder that offers the best in flexibility, we recommend:

Pinnacle Fibreglass Combination Ladders, available from £444.77 inc. VAT

For tradesmen working from extreme heights, we recommend:

Werner Heavy Duty Fibreglass Extension Ladders, available from £244.08 inc. VAT

For those needing a little boost, we recommend:

Zarges Fibre Glass Hop Up Platform, available from £244.08 inc. VAT

If you’re thinking about investing in one of our fibreglass ladders, it’s a good idea to think about safety too. Whether you’re new to working with ladders or you find yourself regularly working at a height, we strongly recommend our Working at Height Training Course.  To book onto the course, give our team a call today on 01282 615517.

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